The Big Bang Theory Season 12

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 release date

The fate of the show has been kept a secret for a long time. Rumors about the end of filming have been troubling fans of "The Big Bang Theory". The popularity of the series is confirmed by tremendously high ratings.

Each new episode retains the attention of almost 15 million viewers, which the creators of the project are immensely pleased with. Therefore, Steve Molaro confidently announces that the continuation of the series is guaranteed, and the filming of new episodes for the 12th season will begin in 2018.

The humorous American series, created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, is being successfully broadcasted in 60 countries. The short episodes, which last 20 minutes, fill the viewers with positivity and good mood. The main characters were inspired by two American physicists, Leonard Cooper and Robert Hofstadter. A physics professor helps in the creation of the script. He ensures the accurate writing of dialogues and the correct formulation of mathematical equations. In September, to the delight of fans, the 10th season of the TV show began, which will conclude at the end of May.

What will be shown in the 12th season

The interesting lives of the main characters are filled with colorful moments, and various comical situations continue to be present in their everyday lives. The problems in the personal lives of the young physicists will still be resolved with the help of their friends. Their shyness and slowness will sometimes hinder their success, and fans of the series will continue to follow their incredible new scientific ideas and their realization.

The pilot episode premiered before numerous viewers in 2007, and to this day, it has already had 253 episodes. The film portrays the lives of four friends - physicists living in the same apartment. The guys try to establish a relationship with their new neighbor, who "opens the door to the outside world" for the heroes.

When will Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
12x01 24 September 2018
Season 12 episode 2
27 September 2018
Season 12 episode 3
04 October 2018
Season 12 episode 4
11 October 2018
Season 12 episode 5
18 October 2018
Season 12 episode 6
25 October 2018
Season 12 episode 7
01 November 2018
Season 12 episode 8
08 November 2018
Season 12 episode 9
15 November 2018
Season 12 episode 10
06 December 2018
Season 12 episode 11
03 January 2019
Season 12 episode 12
10 January 2019
Season 12 episode 13
17 January 2019
Season 12 episode 14
31 January 2019
Season 12 episode 15
07 February 2019
Season 12 episode 16
21 February 2019
Season 12 episode 17
07 March 2019
Season 12 episode 18
04 April 2019
Season 12 episode 19
18 April 2019
Season 12 episode 20
25 April 2019
Season 12 episode 21
02 May 2019
Season 12 episode 22
09 May 2019
Season 12 episode 23
16 May 2019
Season 12 episode 24
16 May 2019

Trailer of Season 12

Video about season 12 of Теория большого взрыва tv series

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