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Mazhor Season 4

Mazhor Season 4 release date

Pavel Priluchny, the main actor of the TV series "Mazhor," has revealed that the 4th season has been filmed and is ready for airing. The release date is known - viewers will have to wait until March 14, 2022.

The leadership of "Perviy Kanal" showed the final of the third part at the end of 2018. The drama is dedicated to the story of the adventures of a charismatic guy, who had an incredible amount of trials.

Season 4 Announcement

Season 4 Poster of Mazhor

We are transported to the events that occurred after the attack on Fisher Bank. The bullet that hit Igor Sokolovsky and Victoria Rodionova does its dirty work. Victoria, who covered her partner with her body, goes with him to the nearest resuscitation department, but they are not allowed to leave. Mazhor, on the other hand, is lucky again and he will have to carry his burden further. The court declares Katya insane for this crime and sends her to a psychiatric hospital.

Time goes by and Rodionova's young daughter is given into the care of her aunt Anna and her lover Ivan. At the moment when life was supposed to erase all memories of the tragic events in the bank, Sokolovsky learns that the girl is his own daughter. Without hesitation, he takes her to be raised by adoptive parents, which becomes the seed of conflict between him and the current guardians. Only Ivan and Anna decide to take their own daughter back through the court, and a tragedy occurs. Anna is found lifeless, and all circumstantial evidence points to Igor.

Pryanikov takes on the criminal investigation of the crime. He has requalified as a private detective, and a new investigator from Sokolovsky's former department, Lena Kovtun, joins him. Together, step by step, they try to find out who is behind the murder. People around Mazhor start dying again, and apparently Igor almost always has both motive and opportunity to commit the crime. The situation is aggravated by the increasing memory lapses of the main character due to frequent intake of antidepressants.

Who is trying to frame Sokolovsky, or has he lost his mind himself? Heroes of the continuation of the crime drama from the "Sreda" studio will find the answer to this question together with the viewers of Perviy Kanal.

How the Filming Went

At the end of 2020, screenwriters Oleg Malovichko and Sergey Kaluzhanov completed the continuation of the series Mazhor. The filming process started in January 2021.

The "Sreda" studio, led by Samokhvalov and Tsekalo, has mobilized the best of their employees to create the continuation of "Mazhor". Once again, we will see a new director - Nurbek Egen, who is of Kyrgyz nationality. Pavel Priluchny will appear in a new role as a father. Viewers will visually see the fate of the heroine Karina Razumovskaya, as she is featured in the filming crew.

There are also new actors: Vita Kornienko and Lyubov Tolkalina have received roles in the 4th part of the multi-series detective. The main characters will also be played by Igor Zhizhikin, Vladimir Seleznev, Dana Abyzova, Anna Tsukanova-Kott, Alexander Oblasov, Pavel Chinarev, and Dima Shevchenko.

The filming process of eight new episodes lasted until mid-spring 2021. Post-production took place throughout the summer. It was already announced in September that the premiere would take place in November of this year.

In the dramatic story were involved: Pavel Priluchny, noted in the films "Night Watch" and "Suicide Room", Alexander Oblasov, who appeared in the TV series "Ulitza" and "Darlings", Ekaterina Ruzanova, who was involved in the projects "Unedited Pages" and "Poor People", and other actors.

The premiere took place on December 15, 2014. There are 40 episodes. The main character tries to bring his life's work to a worthy conclusion and resolve personal issues.

Details of the 4th Season:

  • The shooting of the eight-episode continuation began in mid-January 2021 in the city of Khimki, which is located near Moscow.
  • The events of the plot take place nine years after the finale of the 3rd season, in which Katya shot Igor and Victoria.
  • The psychiatric ward in which Katya is placed is located inside a shopping center, on the eleventh floor.
  • The role of investigator Elena Kovtun in the new season is played by Lyubov Tolkalina.
  • The actions and characters of the feature film "Mazhor", released between the 3rd and 4th seasons, will not intersect.
  • In the series, Sokolovsky's daughter is played by Vita Kornienko, who despite her age has already appeared in almost 100 films.
  • At the time of the release of the new season on the streaming service Netflix, only 2 out of 4 seasons of the series "Silver Spoon" are available.
  • After the fourth season of the series, the 2nd feature film based on the series will be released, and filming will begin at the end of 2021 in Sochi.
  • The end of the filming process was announced on April 4, 2021. The team took less than three months to create material for 8 episodes.
  • The premiere of the new season was first shown on Perviy Kanal. Then the episode will appear on the online cinema platforms 1TV and Kinopoisk.
  • Official information from Perviy Kanal appeared that the new season will be released in March 2022. Pavel Priluchny confirmed this information in his Instagram account.

When will Season 4 of Mazhor be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
04x01 14 March 2022
04x02 15 March 2022
04x03 16 March 2022
04x04 17 March 2022
04x05 21 March 2022
04x06 22 March 2022
04x07 23 March 2022
04x08 24 March 2022

Trailer of Season 4

Video about season 4 of Мажор tv series

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