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Top 15 cool series to watch in a week

Top 15 cool series to watch in a week release date

A selection of the coolest mini-series.

For those who hate endless "soap operas" with a large number of faceless characters, where thirty-six implausible plot collisions coexist simultaneously, high-quality mini-series are like balm for a cinephile's soul. Boldly choose any from the selection below and enjoy watching after a hard day's work, and then reinforce the successful innovation again the next evening, and so on until the end of the week.

  1. And Then There Were None, 2015, 3 episodes

  2. And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie's darkest thriller

    A British adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel. The creators left the original ending of the source material and adapted everything else to modern realities, but they replaced the politically incorrect title ("Ten Little Niggers") and the word "niggers" in the nursery rhyme with "soldiers".

    The series has eight characters, including the one and only Mr. Alec Norman Onim, or ANON...

  3. Utopia, 2013–2014, 12 episodes

  4. Utopia - legendary graphic novel

    "Utopia Experiments" is a manuscript in which, as is supposed, prophetic events of the previous century are described.

    The graphic novel falls into the hands of a group of people who don't know each other. And soon they are hunted by "The Network," a mysterious private organization that doesn't shy away from criminal methods to achieve its goals. The "prey" has only two options: either hide or respond with force to a mortal threat...

  5. The Slap, 2015, 8 episodes

  6. The Slap - One moment will change the family forever

    The hostess of the house celebrates her anniversary with family and friends. Outdoor relaxation is fun until one of the guests slaps a mischievous child.

    Honestly, the child is spoiled by his mother excessively, but it's also not right to raise someone else's offspring in such a way. Therefore, the guests' opinions about what happened divided into two warring camps, and the mother is in hysterics. The unpleasant situation doesn't end with the scandal among "their own": the parents take the offender to court...

  7. Millennium, 2010, 6 episodes

  8. Millennium - based on Stieg Larsson's trilogy

    Henrik Vanger's niece disappeared forty years ago, and all these years the Swedish industrialist has been tormented by terrible suspicions - did the greedy relatives kill the gentle girl? Now, at the sunset of his days, he has decided to hire journalist Mikael Blomkvist to find out the truth. Lisbeth Salander, an eccentric female hacker in love with the man, will help the investigator in his investigation.

    At first glance, it seems like a trivial matter - the fantasies of a rich old man, which Mikael took on just for a generous reward, turned out to be a sore spot for a distinguished family...

  9. The Escape Artist, 2013, 3 episodes

  10. The Escape Artist - Facts, evidence, and witnesses against the lawyer

    In theory, a lawyer should defend any suspect, even if he is guilty and despicable, but on a human level, it is better to get rid of a dubious client right away, otherwise he will turn your life into hell, just like what happened to successful lawyer Will Burton.

    Now the defender himself is under arrest, he lost his wife, and his son is psychologically traumatized, all because of a maniac named Liam Foyle, who has no intention of stopping...

  11. The Town, 2012, 3 episodes

  12. The Town - The mystery of parents' death or a new life in old places

    The suicide of their parents drastically changed the plans of their son, 30-year-old Mark Nicholas, no matter how cynical it sounds. Now the man has to return to his hometown and take care of his underage sister and sick grandmother.

    But over time, the hero realizes that his father and mother did not leave this life without the help of third parties, and the local inspector and representatives of the city administration are hiding something. There is no choice but to start investigating the tragedy himself and try to survive in the process.

  13. Houdini, 2014, 2 episodes

  14. Houdini - Never show what really happens

    The colorful life of the legendary illusionist will not let the bored viewer get bored: a poor Jewish boy, thanks to his hard work and perseverance, reached the pinnacle of artistic mastery, while also finding himself in the shoes of a spy and a debunker of mediums and their allegedly spiritualistic seances.

    As a celebrity, Houdini had access to famous homes and was familiar with personalities such as "The Holy Satan" - Grigori Rasputin, Theodore Roosevelt, and Arthur Conan Doyle. But the most interesting thing is the "secret code" that the master - a mason left for his wife so that no one could disturb his spirit from the afterlife?

  15. 11.22.63, 2016, 8 episodes

  16. 11.22.63 - when you fight the past, get ready for payback

    Jake Epping, an English teacher, passes through a time portal and finds himself in 1960 in order to try to prevent one of America's most resonant and controversial crimes - the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    In the past, he begins surveillance on Harvey Oswald while immersing himself in the rhythm of another era. The acculturation goes smoothly: respect from students and superiors at the new workplace, a romance with Sadie Dunhill, a librarian at his school. So Jake is not very eager to go back home, but no matter how good the hero feels, he is just an alien element...

  17. Little Dorrit, 2008, 14 episodes

  18. Little Dorrit - Based on Charles Dickens' novel

    Despite years of failures, Amy Dorrit remains a good person, and it has never been easy for her in this life: her father, William, a long-time bankrupt, spent twenty years in the "debtors' prison," Marshalsea, and his daughter was born in prison, in poverty and powerlessness.

    But two loners found each other: Arthur Clennam and Amy. And so there is a chance for happiness, only if the unexpectedly inherited fortune that fell on the lovers is resolved peacefully...

  19. The Beauty Inside, 2012, 6 episodes

  20. The Beauty Inside - Every morning in a new body

    Alex doesn't know where fate will throw his soul next day since he jumps from one human body to another. Women, men, different nationalities, social status, professions, and problems. Why him and when the metamorphosis will end - no one knows...

    The situation is complicated by the fact that the hero falls in love with a beautiful girl named Lee, who may never see his true form.

  21. A Young Doctor’s Notebook, 2012–2013, 8 episodes

  22. A Young Doctor’s Notebook - Based on works by Mikhail Bulgakov

    A young doctor, who graduated from an educational institution with honors, Vladimir Bomgard, is sent to practice in the deep province. The time is already restless (1917), and the people are uneducated and prefer to be treated with dubious folk remedies.

    One can easily degrade from boredom and loneliness, as happened to the grown-up hero years later, but for now, the daily routine turns Vladimir white and dependent on morphine. The series is based on stories by Mikhail Bulgakov.

  23. The Hollow Crown, 2012 - 2016, 7 episodes

  24. The Hollow Crown - The War of the Red and White Roses

    Historical chronicles about the reign of Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V, united under a common title.

    In his time, the first of the kings (by the way, a negligent ruler for his subjects) on the list was overthrown by his cousin, but this betrayal wasn't easy for the latter: the torment of conscience and eternal fear for his son, the future Henry V. The father's nervousness passed on to his offspring, so Hal grew up as a complex person from whom anything can be expected...

  25. Olive Kitteridge, 2014, 4 episodes

  26. Olive Kitteridge - There is no such thing as an easy life

    A segment from the twenty-year family life of Olive and Henry Kitteridge. The wife is first a math teacher, then a retiree, but always stern and collected, while the husband is kind and caring, a small pharmacist, but a bit simple-minded.

    The couple also has a son Christopher, whom the mother considers a slacker with no brains and therefore no prospects. Each member of the family has their own grievances against each other, which over time spoils the relationship between relatives.

  27. Parade’s End, 2012, 5 episodes

  28. Parade’s End - Kingdom of mirrors, a kaleidoscope of great history

    Christopher Tietjens is a true gentleman from the upper echelons of British society, and he is not used to airing his dirty laundry, even if he has to endure his wife's infidelity and possibly another man's child, but under his name and in his own home.

    So he would have existed unhappily in the shackles of Puritan morality and religiosity if he hadn't fallen in love with suffragette Valentine Wannop, a bold girl by the standards of King Edward VII's era. The couple would have had no chance of happiness if not for the radical changes in people's minds that coincided, strangely enough, with the world war...

  29. The Night Of, 2016, 8 episodes

  30. The Night Of - What really happened

    Nasir Khan, a student of Pakistani origin, was in a hurry to the party of the year, so he borrowed his father's vehicle - a taxi. The car became the reason for the boy to meet a girl named Andrea, who was hitchhiking.

    The young people liked each other at first sight, and soon the couple is having fun somewhere at an apartment, with a large amount of alcohol and drugs. But when the hero wakes up in the morning, he finds his girlfriend dead, and, not coming up with anything better, he leaves the crime scene. However, the police don't receive their salary for nothing - "Nas" is arrested and accused of a murder he didn't commit. Does the poor guy have a chance of being acquitted with the help of lawyer John Stone?

And what shows would you add to our list? Don't hesitate, write your list in the comments to the post!

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