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Top 15 cool mini-series that few people know about

Top 15 cool mini-series that few people know about release date

Mini-series that you have not heard of, but which are worth watching!

It cannot be that you have not heard at least about one of the masterpieces from the selection below? If this is still the case, it is solely due to your laziness and lack of curiosity, because even though these series did not have a wide advertising campaign, they easily became super hits among a grateful audience.

Nevertheless, now there is a great chance to correct this oversight and get acquainted with the top 15 cool mini-series.

  1. Black Books, 3 seasons, 18 episodes

  2. Black Books - a series like a good book

    A small bookshop in the capital of Britain fully reflects the character of its owner: sometimes "closed," sometimes "open" to customers in the middle of the workweek, chaos on the shelves and behind the counter... And all because it is owned by Bernard Black, an unsociable Irishman with no commercial instinct, but with a biting sense of humor. If it weren't for his assistant, Manny Bianco, the shop wouldn't have sold a single paper copy.

    Complete opposites, friends only converge in their addiction to cheap wine and a cigarette after "strenuous" work. Philosophical debates and subtle English humor are the main features of the series.

  3. Day Break, 1 season, 13 episodes

  4. Day Break - for every action there are consequences

    Detective Brett Hopper is accused of killing the district attorney's assistant and in some supernatural way, the suspect experiences a fateful day over and over again, learning previously unknown details of the criminal case.

    Waking up next to his girlfriend, Rita Shelton, at 6:17 a.m., the detective risks acquiring a fatal injury or making a mess in the time loop that would permanently shift his future, but the man still hopes for a happy outcome, as he has already begun to track down the criminal...

  5. Hatfields and McCoys, 1 season, 3 episodes

  6. Hatfields and McCoys - never forgive, never forget

    Recommended for those who like revenge, as it is a documentary story of a years-long feud between two American families, which resulted in the deaths of a dozen people and could deter anyone from this dangerous pleasure.

    The procreative Hatfields and McCoys lived on the border of two states - Kentucky and West Virginia, but apparently there was not enough space in the county, and neighbors just didn't like each other so much that one fine day, the hatred culminated in the first murder...

  7. The Hollow Crown, 2 seasons, 7 episodes

  8. The Hollow Crown - War of the Red and White Rose

    Shakespeare lovers must definitely watch the modern adaptation of his "undervalued" plays, such as "Richard II," "Henry IV," and "Henry V."

    The reigns of three monarchs took place against the backdrop of a civil war, and it all started with the betrayal of Henry IV. In general, court intrigues, family disputes, and the poor people do not want to remain silent...

  9. Far Cry Experience, 1 season, 5 episodes

  10. Far Cry Experience - a series based on a game

    A film crew is located in a remote corner of the wilderness to shoot a story about survival in extreme conditions.

    However, the actor, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, has to experience the horrors of solitary existence on an island in the middle of the boundless ocean, as pirates and their insane leader, Vaas Montenegro, are unhappy with the unexpected neighbors and blow up the filmmakers' yacht, then shoot the survivors. The leader of the bandits has prepared a series of cruel trials for the protagonist... The abundance of black humor cannot fail to please the audience.

  11. Dekalog, 1989, 10 episodes

  12. Dekalog - ten stories that could happen to anyone

    Ten life stories filmed back in 1989 by Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski, in which there is an obvious reference to the Ten Commandments.

    But the film is not preaching and anathematizing non-believers, in some episodes, it is not even possible to clearly determine which commandment is being discussed, as everything intertwines, just like in real life. The work is truly emotionally powerful, as they used to make them in those non-commercial times.

  13. The Take, 1 season, 4 episodes

  14. The Take - He gained power and family, but he has questions

    Freddy Jackson spent enough time in prison to "get smarter," and in the understanding of the hero, it means that as soon as he is released, he won't stay a mere foot soldier in the criminal world of London for long.

    And that's exactly what happened: the gangster "rises," marries a wife, has a few drinks at a party celebrating his return home, and then goes to kill his partner, who caused him to end up behind bars. After accomplishing his mission, Freddy takes his place in the criminal hierarchy and appoints his cousin, Jimmy, as his new assistant, but the "boss" did not take into account that his right-hand man would climb the career ladder faster than the benefactor. And what about the family?

  15. The Lost Room, 1 season, 3 episodes

  16. The Lost Room - Some doors are better left unopened

    A murder in a pawnshop leads detective Joe Miller to Room 10 at the Sunshine Motel.

    It turns out that the government, cults, criminal groups, and oligarchs are hunting for certain supernatural Objects from this Lost Room and the Key opens the room, giving its owner complete freedom of movement through any spatial and temporal "doors." So it happens that Joe's daughter, little Anna, disappears within the vastness of Room 10, and now the man must unravel the nature of inexplicable phenomena in order to retrieve his child. An interesting mix of S. King, "The Land of Oz," and a thriller.

  17. The 10th Kingdom, 1 season, 9 episodes

  18. The 10th Kingdom - Incredible fantastic journeys into parallel worlds

    The 10th Kingdom is our world, which exists parallel to the world of fairy tales.

    One day, in the Ninth Kingdom, the Evil Queen turns Prince Wendell into a dog, and the heir to the throne, who did not expect anything good in the future, escapes through the magic mirror to New York. There, the unusual pet quickly finds owners - waitress Virginia and her father, Tony. The family is poor and has long been plagued by a series of misfortunes, and it all started with Virginia's mother disappearing... The Queen - Stepmother is not going to reconcile with the escaped prince, so she sends trolls and the Big Bad Wolf after him.

    A lovestruck Wolf, who reads books on psychology, and a heroine who is a feminist - it's the good old-fashioned fairy tale.

  19. Firefly, 1 season, 14 episodes

  20. Firefly - Meet the most awesome crew in the galaxy

    At present, Mal "Malcolm" Reynolds is not a very successful smuggler, and in the past, he was a veteran of the Civil War against the Alliance.

    He captained a Firefly-class spacecraft called "Serenity" and had a crew of nine misfits who would go through fire and water for their captain. The crew never has time to get bored, as in different corners of the Galaxy, they either need to deliver something valuable to someone, or they are hunted by authorities, and sometimes they are busy with good deeds. The series is considered one of the best sci-fi works.

  21. Band of Brothers, 1 season, 10 episodes

  22. Band of Brothers - Simple people, difficult times

    Volunteer soldiers gather together in a training camp to become model soldiers of the U.S. Airborne Division.

    The guys are completely different, but together they will overcome the incompetence of the officers, their first defeats and victories, for now only in training battles, and then on the shores of Normandy and many other operations, because the damned war of the 1940s will not let them go... Baptized by enemy fire, they will go through this challenging path to tell their grandchildren what it was really like and what matters most in this life.

  23. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, 1 season, 10 episodes

  24. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - Going to die

    Slave Gannicus has made a name for himself in the House of Batiatus with his fury and endless victories in the gladiatorial arena, so his owner decided that it was time to take all the power and riches of his native polis into his own hands, and his cunning and depraved wife, Lucretia, will help him.

    The gladiator himself will not be left in a disadvantageous position: wine, women, and long-awaited freedom are shining on the horizon, but will treacherous Lentulus deceive him?

  25. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, 1 season, 3 episodes

  26. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - He has a PhD in Horribleness

    Dr. Horrible, or plain guy Billy, tries to become a powerful villain, but luck is not on his side, and Captain Hammer, fighting on the side of good, constantly interferes.

    In addition, the handsome superhero meets a girl from the laundromat, Penny, whom William secretly loves, so the confrontation between the men intensifies with serious twists. However, the ending of the love story puzzles...

  27. Mildred Pierce, 1 season, 5 episodes

  28. Mildred Pierce - Having it all will cost her everything

    A middle-aged woman starts her life with a clean slate, as only now has she found her second wind.

    Leaving her tyrannical husband "nowhere," even if it is condemned by acquaintances who allegedly care about the well-being of Mildred Pierce Beragon and her daughter, getting a job as an unprestigious waitress, and although there is little fun and merriment, it is independence and freedom. And, perhaps, these are small steps towards the right, hard-fought destiny.

  29. Black Mirror, 3 seasons, 7 episodes

  30. Black Mirror - mirror, mirror on the wall

    Do we control technology or does it control us? And under the word "technology," one can freely understand 21st-century advertising because such a money-making marketing "machine" was beyond the imagination of our ancestors.

    Phobias, the joys and sorrows of immature teenage brains have long belonged to the media world, and even some infantile adults, and the more balanced part of society must pretend to be "trendy" and know everything about it, otherwise, it's professional incompetence or the stigma of being retrograde... Gadgets and herd instinct - is it a terrible force? These and other problems are very coolly highlighted in this satirical series.

What series would you add to our list? Write in the comments to the post!

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