Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniia Season 3

Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniia Season 3 release date

At the moment, the creators of the TV series "Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone" have shared that they do not plan to film the 3rd season of the series, but instead they will release a full-length movie. However, that does not mean that they cannot change their plans.

One of the most popular TV projects "Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion" on the channel has not lost its ratings after the start of the second season, and the number of fans continues to increase! This means that the filming of the film will start soon. But the show's fans continue to ask questions about the third season of the series "Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion." Its exact fate will be known in 2019, when a film based on the franchise will be shown in theaters.

What will happen in the 3rd season and the movie

After Pasha Vershinin saved his friends in the USA, the plot does not come to an end. The Zone doesn't simply let anyone go who has been there. It is quite possible that the main characters will go to the site of the next nuclear catastrophe or to one of the former nuclear weapons test sites. All this is in order to return to the past again and change small details, which, like the butterfly effect, became crucial for creating world history and to return everything as it was. In addition, we will finally find out what virus infected the main hero and who is the creator of the first anomalous zone.

The filming of the continuation of the series will not start before 2019, and that's if the busy schedule of the actors of the TV series allows it. If they manage to gather everyone together and finish filming in a short time, then the premiere of the next part can be seen in the autumn of the same year.

The TV show "Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion" started in the autumn of 2014. The film series directed by western director Anders Banke caused a real sensation after its premiere and became one of the most popular projects of Russian television in 2014. In total, TNT channel released 16 episodes of this fantastic road multi-series film.

When will Season 3 of Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniia be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
03x01 10 October 2019
Season 3 episode 2
10 October 2019
Season 3 episode 3
17 October 2019
Season 3 episode 4
17 October 2019
Season 3 episode 5
24 October 2019
Season 3 episode 6
24 October 2019
Season 3 episode 7
31 October 2019
Season 3 episode 8
31 October 2019

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Чернобыль: Зона отчуждения tv series

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