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Top 5 Scariest Horror TV Shows

Top 5 Scariest Horror TV Shows release date

5 shows that will make your hair stand on end! Read the horror selection on TVDate.

A fairly rare genre of TV shows in the world is horror. However, there are a few shows for fans of this genre that evoke a strong sense of fear and are on par with movies! Read our selection of the top 5 representatives of this contemporary genre.

  1. American Horror Story

  2. American Horror Story keeps you on edge

    "American Horror Story" - released in 2011 on FX channel, has enormous ratings in all movie ratings. And it's not for nothing, as the show has won two Golden Globes and will certainly not let viewers fall asleep!

    Each new season, the characters of the show tell another story. In the first part, the action revolves around the Harmon family, who initially thought they bought a great restored house in Los Angeles. But along with the building, they immerse themselves in the past, where the residents committed very inhumane acts. In addition, the new owners gradually begin to lose their minds, see ghosts, and participate in scenes of cruelty. This psychological thriller by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk keeps viewers in suspense every minute of watching. The subsequent seasons focus on no less interesting plots, so if you are a fan of horror movies and haven't seen this show - start with it.

  3. Penny Dreadful

  4. Penny Dreadful combines all the scariest things

    Next on our list is the British-American project "Penny Dreadful" (also known as "Horror Boulevard" or "Horror on a Dime" in English) released in 2014. Filmed over three seasons, John Logan's project managed to combine all the scariest things ever invented by mankind.

    The plot of the series takes place in Victorian Britain. The main character is Ethan Chandler, who came from America and unfortunately ended up in the lair of vampires, mediums, monsters, and other cunning creatures that didn't let the townspeople breathe for a second. In London, a war is being waged not between good and evil, but between mystical creatures of Satan who try to capture more and more human souls and bodies. Lone fighters against the unclean will battle almost all the well-known creatures of that period in history: vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and even Frankenstein will rise in this battle... The storylines shown in the series literally send chills down the viewers' spines, but the way the story is presented in the show doesn't let you look away from the screens.

  5. Stranger Things

  6. Stranger Things is one of the best shows of 2016

    The series "Stranger Things" from the streaming service Netflix is a very good representative of the genre. Immediately after its release in July 2016, it firmly settled in the top 100 of IMDB and Kinopoisk. In our ranking, it is only in third place because the horror genre is mixed with science fiction and mystery.

    The events of the series take place in the 80s in a small provincial town in the United States. The police are not used to investigating cases more complicated than an owl attacking a person. Schoolboy Will mysteriously disappears, and since law enforcement is inactive, his teenage friends set out to find him. The kids will encounter unknown supernatural forces and a mystery that their small town is hiding.

  7. 666 Park Avenue

  8. A house with a strange history

    Also, don't miss "666 Park Avenue" from ABC, released in 2012. This show is more suitable for those who like horror with a touch of mystique because a real devilry is happening according to the plot!

    A young couple moves into an old apartment building at 999 Park Avenue. At first, they can't believe their luck, as they love their new home. But the fairy tale starts to crumble when they learn about the secret of the building - to have a "good" life, they have to give up their souls! Once you enter the building, you can't escape.
  9. Bates Motel

  10. Bates Motel will reveal the secret of a series of murders

    The last place in our list is taken by the TV series "Bates Motel" from A&E channel. It offers not only a great cast but also a mysterious and unpredictable story. You will root for the main characters as if they were your own family, and the storytelling will please even the most unbiased viewer.

    The show revolves around the Bates family. After losing her husband and father of her son, Norman, Norma moves to the town of White Pine Bay in Oregon to start a new life and forget about her loss. Soon after the move, they buy a roadside motel that was previously managed by the Summers family. But the previous tenants are in no hurry to leave the premises, which leads to the first death in the chain...

What horror TV shows would you add to our ranking? Write in the comments, maybe we forgot some masterpiece!

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