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Vikings Season 6

Vikings Season 6 release date

Morgan O'Sullivan, executive producer of the historical TV series "Vikings", has provided information that it will be possible to assess Season 6 of the drama in December 2019.

The finale of the 5th part is scheduled to be shown on the TV channel "History" in spring 2018. It is a story about a brave young man who lived and fought for justice in the early 9th century.

Season 6 Announcement

The plot revolves around the descendants of a warrior named Ragnar, who fought in numerous battles and was able to prove to his compatriots that he was one of the most fearless and determined people of that time period. The citizens greatly respected him for his courage and valor, but most were afraid of and avoided meeting him. It was he who possessed the crown that gave him full authority over the powerful Viking tribe. A huge number of adversaries challenged him and attempted to dethrone him, but time after time, determined enemies suffered shameful defeat. One day, he decides that it is time to conquer new territories, so he equips an army for a military campaign to Paris. However, the key character did not fully realize the obstacles he would face in a foreign land. Despite the obstacles, he is not willing to retreat and is confident that luck will be on his side. His sons will have to continue his mission, as they are no less courageous and fearless in their plans.

The leading roles were played by: Gustaf Skarsgard, who appeared in the films "The Kiss" and "The Contract", Clive Standen, who appeared in the TV show "Doctor Who" and "Taken", Alyssa Sutherland, who participated in the films "Theory of Luck" and "Damnable Connection", and other actors. The series was nominated for the "Emmy" and "Saturn" awards.

Russians were able to see the premiere on July 1, 2013. 69 episodes were filmed. The main character sets off for France, wishing to conquer the unfriendly country and subjugate Europeans to his will.

When will Season 6 of Vikings be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
06x01 04 December 2019
Season 6 episode 2
04 December 2019
Season 6 episode 3
11 December 2019
Season 6 episode 4
18 December 2019
Season 6 episode 5
25 December 2019
Season 6 episode 6
01 January 2020
Season 6 episode 7
08 January 2020
Season 6 episode 8
15 January 2020
Season 6 episode 9
22 January 2020
Season 6 episode 10
29 January 2020

Trailer of Season 6

Video about season 6 of Викинги tv series

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