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The Witcher Season 2 release date

Executive producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich shared on her social media accounts that the 2nd season of The Witcher will be released on Netflix on December 17, 2021.

Netflix intends to show the finale of Season 1 in 2019. The multi-series creation was inspired by the works of the talented author Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Polish-American fantasy became so successful that the adaptation of the rest of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels was extended for a new season even before the premiere of the first one on November 13, 2019. The second season will consist of eight episodes, the titles and partial plot of which became known during WitcherCon, held online on July 9.

Season 2 Announcement

Постер 4 сезона The Witcherа

The central figure of the narrative in this fantastic TV project is a fearless and independent young man who had to assist peaceful people. He has a strong and bold character, so he is not afraid to get involved in controversial situations and restore justice. Geralt lives in a remarkable place, where various evil creatures dwell. Among the local population, one can easily come across ruthless monsters that threaten the well-being of citizens. The young man is from Rivia and does not want to silently observe lawlessness in the world. He intends to influence the current situation. The heartlessness and cruelty of ordinary mortals force The Witcher to abandon unfinished business and embark on an interesting journey. His path leads to the colorful kingdom called Cintra, which is ruled by influential individuals. The man learns about the kidnapping of a high-ranking person.

The continuation of the fantasy, based on the eponymous novel by Andrzej Sapkowski, will tell about Geralt's fate after the capture of Cintra. The second season will be an adaptation of the book "Blood of Elves".

After Ciri was rescued and brought to Kaer Morhen, her intensive training with the witchers begins. The girl turned out to be very gifted, and in order to fully realize all the magical abilities of the heiress to the throne of Cintra, Geralt turns to the sorceress Triss. She explains that Yennefer's help will also be needed to fully master the abilities of magic.

A new war is being prepared on the continent, led by all the kings of the North, who have joined forces against the Emperor of the South. Southerners will do everything in their power to destroy Ciri, who has become a key figure in the conquest of lands. Viewers will finally learn why Nilfgaard wanted to capture Cintra so badly.

Several brutal raids are being prepared on Kaer Morhen, which has become a refuge for Ciri.

Meanwhile, Lutik returns to The Witcher to help him in his main mission - to find and exterminate evil creatures and monsters.

Filming of Season 2 of The Witcher

The names of the actors who agreed to play in the TV show are not disclosed. However, there are persistent rumors that the main role will be entrusted to Zack McGowan, a star of the TV series "Unreal Bachelor" and "Lethal Weapon". Despite this, a huge army of fans would not mind seeing Mads Mikkelsen as the key character, involved in the films "Rescue" and "Arctic".

The actors of the TV series officially returned to the set in early 2020. The process of creating the sequel changed its location - instead of Hungary, as it was in the first season, viewers will see the landscapes of England.

As the coronavirus epidemic broke out at the same time, the filming process lasted for almost a year and a half. The official end of filming was April 1, 2021.

Directors Stephen Surjik, Geeta V. Patel, Ed Bazalgette, and Sarah O'Gorman were involved in the creation of the sequel. The cast, on the other hand, remained practically unchanged. The team was led by Englishman Henry Cavill (Geralt), Joey Batey (Lutik), Anya Chalotra (Yennifer), and Anna Shaffer as the sorceress Triss Merigold.

According to the latest data, the premiere of the project is scheduled for 2021. The center of attention is a desperate monster hunter who is willing to risk himself for the future of humanity.

Viewers are also waiting for a six-episode prequel called "The Witcher: Origins", the events of which will shed light on the Conjunction of the Spheres.

Interesting facts about Season 2:

  • An injury suffered by Henry Cavill (portraying Geralt) forced the production team to take a break in filming.
  • The coronavirus pandemic delayed the premiere of the series by almost 9 months.
  • The plot of the second season is an adaptation of the third book in "The Witcher" series, titled "Blood of Elves", which was published back in 1994.
  • The filming of the sequel was officially completed on April 1, 2021, and the remaining time was spent on post-production.
  • The series has officially been renewed for a third season even before the premiere of the second one.
  • The titles and stories on which 7 out of 8 episodes of the series are based became known during the online conference "WitcherCon", held online on YouTube.

When will Season 2 of The Witcher be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
02x01 17 December 2021
02x02 17 December 2021
02x03 17 December 2021
02x04 17 December 2021
02x05 17 December 2021
02x06 17 December 2021
02x07 17 December 2021
02x08 17 December 2021

Trailer of Season 2

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