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Top 5 Russian youth series

Top 5 Russian youth series release date

The best Russian TV series over the past couple of years in our film rating.

Russian television in recent years has been trying to catch up with the rapidly growing Western series market, which now produces no fewer than films. Competing entertainment channels STS and TNT have successfully begun to cope with this. In this article, we propose that you consider five of the most successful projects released recently.

  1. "Phys-Ed Teacher" from TNT

  2. The Phys-Ed Teacher TV series from TNT is one of the most popular in Russia

    The TV series "Phys-Ed Teacher" from TNT, starring Dmitry Nagiyev, immediately became the channel's highest-rated project after its premiere. More than 40% of Russia's population watched it, and the jokes have long become "overused". Fans eagerly await each new season of this sitcom with elements of drama.

    The plot focuses on the former criminal authority Oleg Fomin, who lost his job as a millionaire Mamayev's bodyguard. The only way for him to regain his old position is to get a job at the school where the employer's son attends and befriend him. But it turns out that everything is not so simple - instead of the son, a young girl named Sasha Mamayeva awaits him, and it is not so easy to stay in the position of a physical education teacher. As a result, he loses everything but finds the love of his life...

  3. "The Young Ones" from STS

  4. The Young Ones - about hockey and more

    The sports drama "The Young Ones," shown on STS, has become one of the channel's most popular projects. And it's not because hockey is very popular in Russia. The portrayal of the players' personal relationships and emotions has made this soap opera successful and beloved. You root for the team from the province both on and off the ice.

    The show's script tells the story of the life of the hockey club "Bears" from the provincial town of Yermolino in Russia. After another change of coach, the team is taken over by former NHL star Sergei Makeev. After an injury, the guy had to give up professional sports, but he can still train the youth hockey team, which, with him, will go on to success at the All-Russian Championship.

  5. "Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone" on TNT channel

  6. CEZ: no one will return the same

    One of the first TV series on TNT channel is "Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone". In eight episodes, viewers are shown a truly fascinating film. And since the shooting was done by the Western director Anders Banke, there is indeed something to see!

    The plot of the series takes a group of teenagers from a party on a road adventure. The internet technician stole money from Pasha Vershinin and headed to Chernobyl. The guys take their friend Gosh's parents' old Volga car and set off in pursuit of the robber. Along the way, they encounter many adventures and a terrible secret of the abandoned city of Pripyat, which is located in a 30-kilometer radiation contamination zone from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

  7. "Law of Stone Jungles" from TNT

  8. Laws of the Stone Jungles were shot in the style of Tarantino

    The crime TV series "Law of the Stone Jungles" is almost an attempt to make a Tarantino-level crime drama, which was shown on TNT channel. The success, thanks to the excellent plot and the well-chosen actors, continues to this day.

    The script is about a group of teenagers who, in search of quick money, get involved in the criminal business of Moscow. Gosh, Tim, Tsypa, and Zhuk completely change their lives in less than a month, but it brings the guys not money, but even more problems. Parallel to the main plotline, the show mentions Gosh's father's hiding place, the theme of which will likely be revealed in new episodes.

  9. "The Major" from Channel One

  10. The Major is made at the level of Western films

    In conclusion, our ranking includes the TV series "The Major" from Channel One, with Pavel Priluchny in the lead role. But it is not inferior to the previous works on the list, and maybe even surpasses them in some aspects.

    The plot of the 12-episode crime drama revolves around Igor Sokolovsky, the son of an influential businessman. After another prank in a nightclub, the guy is punished, deprived of money, and sent to work as a policeman at a local police station. At first, he is skeptical and tries to avoid service in every way, but having become slightly involved in the case, he falls in love with his own work. As the script develops, he finds a clue to a long-held secret about his mother's death...

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