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10 series that every woman should watch

10 series that every woman should watch release date

Series recommended for viewing by a female audience.

Long ago, the French poet, J. Baif, observed that women laugh when they can and cry when they want. To this insightful statement, it can only be added that there are moments for the descendants of Eve when they really want to watch an interesting series, to both suffer and rejoice. However, they still need to find a suitable masterpiece and not make a mistake in choosing among the abundance of cinema. Therefore, a little below is a top-10 series specifically for the fair sex, which provide answers to any questions.

  1. Sex and the City, 1998-2004, 6 seasons

  2. Sex and the City - Are You Ready for More?
    After all the revelations made in the series, it is very surprising that Eve's daughters still remain a mystery to some men. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York discuss everything in their coffee meetings: cosmetics and contraception, career and love, feminism and traditional values.

    The friends are very different, and each one pursues her own path to female happiness. For example, Carrie confidently walks in her favorite Manolo Blahnik shoes, as she is a free woman and can afford it, just like philosophical reflections on gender relations in her weekly column in the "New York Star".

  3. Desperate Housewives, 2004-2012, 8 seasons

  4. Desperate Housewives - Secrets. Romance. Murder. All on One Street

    A quiet suburb in Fairview is shocked by the suicide of Mary Alice Young, a housewife living on Wisteria Lane. Her friends - the neighbors, seemingly happy and married women - are especially affected by the tragedy.

    But the housewives are mistaken if they think that the fifth companion has left them forever: Young is now a bodiless but omnipresent spirit, and she knows all the residents of the county and their dark secrets. And there is an abundance of intrigue, infidelity, betrayal, and lies among the married couples...

  5. Cougar Town, 2009-2015, 6 seasons

  6. Cougar Town - Bad name, good comedy
    "What kind of cougars are they?" Women will exclaim after watching just one episode about the "cougars" from Gulfhaven, Florida. For example, Jules Cobb recently got divorced, and since she is already over forty, finding a partner in a small town is a problem. Younger and more liberated girls steal grooms right under her nose. And her audacious neighbor, Grayson, changes girlfriends like gloves.

    The heroine has to fight for her personal happiness in every way possible... But all this is just reasoning, while in the series, there are real stories of married Laurie, who periodically cheats, and Ellie, a single mother, and, of course, the men in their lives. Every day on the love front for the friends is filled with both bitter tears and moments of joy.

  7. The Good Wife, 2009-2016, 7 seasons

  8. The Good Wife - His Scandal, Her Story

    How can you look people and your children in the eyes when your husband, a successful and respected prosecutor in Chicago, is first publicly exposed for infidelity, and then sent to prison for corruption? Alicia Florrick has only one answer: to live on because she has a daughter and a son who need to be given a decent future.

    Starting over may not be possible since the shame of her family is on the lips of journalists and representatives of elite power circles and their wives. But despite the 13-year hiatus in her career, Alicia becomes a lawyer at "Stern, Lockhart & Gardner", where she has to work hard to prove to her colleagues that she is more than just a housewife.

  9. Grey's Anatomy, 2005-2016, 13 seasons

  10. Grey's Anatomy - Operations, Relationships, Difficulties

    "Seattle Grace" hospital is practically a second home for the staff: it is where the key moments of their lives related to love and profession take place. And for the interns and doctors, there is simply no time or place to meet - all their time and energy are devoted to important and stressful work.

    Meredith Grey, a surgeon, is also part of this "gang", and she is in the second generation. To prove to her father that his little girl has chosen a field suitable for her is the secret dream of the heroine. This leads to psychological problems for the young doctor. But she is strong, which again does not play in her favor in relationships with men...

  11. Pride and Prejudice, 1995, 1 season, 6 episodes

  12. Pride and Prejudice - Adaptation of a novel by D. Austen
    "If you are a little over twenty, then there is a chance to marry Darcy...". This is how you can briefly characterize the impression after watching the seventh adaptation of the immortal novel by Jane Austen.

    Any female viewer, from a nymphette to a grandmother, wants to be in the place of Elizabeth Bennet, a girl from a poor family who is intelligent and beautiful, and whom a wealthy gentleman, Mr. Darcy, is passionately in love with. However, the aristocratic society of Hampshire County is strongly against the impending alliance...

    The interesting dramatic love story is set against the backdrop of the unique British countryside, which is like something out of a fantasy, and the restrained erotic scenes with Colin Firth - it takes a while to recover from those.

  13. Hotel Babylon, 2006-2009, 4 seasons

  14. Hotel Babylon - Rent a Room
    The weekdays of the five-star Hotel Babylon, whose walls are visited by famous politicians and "media stars", are a well-organized process of making money.

    Yes, why not? If the service is top-notch. The head manager, Rebecca Mitchell, ensures that everything runs smoothly: god forbid the careless staff fails to provide fresh towels or keeps someone waiting for breakfast - they will be fired without question.

    The woman has reasons to be strict: there are many candidates for her enticing position. But don't think that this is the story of a despotic boss. No, over time, circumstances and subordinates make Rebecca find a compromise between work and personal life, selfishness and compassion. And the curious situations and conspiracies in the series are a separate story...

  15. Gilmore Girls, 2000-2007, 7 seasons

  16. Gilmore Girls - Life's Short, Talk Fast
    The mother and daughter look like peers - friends, and they share the same name - Lorelai. It so happened that the Gilmore girls are each other's only support since the teenage mother gave birth to a wonderful child against the will of her rich and distinguished parents, so the girl had to leave home.

    But the woman has no regrets: at 32, she is a co-owner of the "Dragonfly Inn" not far from the town of Hartford, Connecticut, and Rory tries not to disappoint her mother (striving to get into the foreign correspondents program at a prestigious university). This series is about overcoming life's difficulties, family, dreams, female strength, and weaknesses...

  17. Once Upon a Time, 2011-2016, 6 seasons

  18. Once Upon a Time - Welcome to Storybrooke
    The main characters are Snow White, Prince Charming, Rumplestiltskin, the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio, and other fairy-tale characters who were forcibly expelled into our world by the Evil Queen. Now they live in Storybrooke, Maine, but they have no memory of their past and cannot leave the boundaries of the enchanted town. The villain herself is the mayor who is raising an adopted son, Henry. The curse can only be broken by Emma Swan, a lonely woman from Boston...

    The familiar characters from childhood are shown in a different light when we see unrefined tears and suppressed anger, unlike in the book, where good always triumphs. Here, the problems are more complicated, and the antagonists evoke pity.

  19. Downton Abbey, 2010-2015, 6 seasons

  20. Downton Abbey - War Changes Everything
    The ominous foreshadowing of the sinking of the Titanic, which turned the lives of the inhabitants of Downton Abbey in Yorkshire County upside down, is just the beginning of a family saga that viewers have been witnessing for 6 seasons. And the beginning, it must be said, is not weak: the heir to the title and ancestral home of Earl Grantham was traveling aboard the gigantic liner, and, among other unfortunate passengers, did not survive the collision with an iceberg.

    The servants, gentlemen, and friends of the family are waiting for the oldest daughter of Earl Robert, Mary, to become the heir to the wealth, but the father is against it: he values labor and the reputation of his ancestors too much to cut down the family tree in such a way, by giving all the rights to a girl who will eventually get married. A distant male relative appears on the horizon...

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