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The fourth season of Fizruk will have entirely new actors

The fourth season of Fizruk will have entirely new actors release date

New season - new actors!

The hot yellow press StarHit shared with Fizruk fans that the fourth season of the country's main sitcom will feature a radical change in the cast.

Almost all the actors from the first three seasons of the sitcom "Fizruk" from the TNT channel will not participate in the fourth part of this comedy drama. Only the main character of the show - Oleg Fomin, played by Dmitry Nagiyev, will remain in his place. This information was confirmed by the performer of one of the central characters of the show, Sasha Mamaeva, young Moscow actress Polina Grents.

According to the plot of the fourth part of the story, Foma will go in search of his father, possibly why other characters will not appear in the script. Of course, fans of the show have already been quite upset about this news, because they already missed the old characters: Pupok, Banana, and Borzoy in the third part of the sitcom, and now they will take away Usach and Psyche. Well, we will have to wait for further news about the fate of the show and hope that such a move by the producers is truly justified.

Let us remind you that the series "Fizruk" is one of the most successful projects of the TNT channel, which in 2014 became one of the most popular Russian shows. At the moment, 61 episodes have been released, which were evenly distributed over three seasons. The fourth part of the comedy with Nagiyev in the lead role will be released in 2017, and the filming process for the continuation started at the end of the summer of 2016.

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