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Mazhor Season 2

Mazhor Season 2 release date

Last year, the First Channel presented viewers with a masterpiece, the series "Mazhor". The multi-part crime film starring Pavel Priluchny has already received an award as "Best series of the year" from the "Association of Film and TV Producers", but when can we expect the continuation?

The last, 12th episode aired on December 23rd. Igor Sokolovsky, who is the main character of the film, became an involuntary police officer. Vladimir, a millionaire from the capital, decided to reform his son and sent him out into the world. Such an experience, of course, benefited him - hard work turned him into a mature man and an experienced operative. The end of the first season entangles the entire police department in the investigation of Sokolovsky's case about the murder of his mother. Together, they managed to get close to the criminals and obtain undeniable evidence of their guilt. But unexpectedly for everyone, instead of a happy ending, a series of contract killings occurs, in which Igor's father becomes a victim. Now the most interesting moment of the denouement will begin, but the director cleverly moved it to the second season.

The employees of the "First" channel have already announced the renewal of the TV series Mazhor for a second season. On December 25th, 2014, it became known that Tsekalo will write the script for the new episodes.

Mazhor Season 2 to be released on November 14, 2016

The exact release date became known on November 8th. The first channel will release the first episode of the second season on Monday, November 14th, 2016. Stay tuned for more details about the filming on this page!

Filming of Season 2

In social networks, on November 28th, 2015, they announced the start of filming for the second part of the TV show. Pavel Priluchny and other actors regularly delight fans of the drama with new photos from their workplaces:

Igor Sokolovsky is determined to catch the criminal who dared to kill his family. He will not be stopped by high ranks or large sums of money with which the villains are trying to cover up.

Vera Brezhneva stars in Mazhor Season 2

At the end of March 2016, it became known that the team of actors was joined by a pop music star and former member of the group "VIA Gra," Vera Brezhneva. The exact role that the girl will have has not yet been announced, in order to add fuel to the fire of interest in the new season of the show.

The Script of the Second Season

First Scene from Mazhor Season 2
A part of the storyline became available on the website of the production center Sreda. Igor Sokolovsky was released from prison after all charges were dropped. In addition, Mazhor returns to serve in the police and takes control of his father's business. But his main goal is to find and avenge Ignatiev, whom he believes is responsible for the murder of his parents, using any means necessary.

About the Series

Igor Sokolovsky (Pavel Priluchny) Igor Sokolovsky (Pavel Priluchny) - the central figure of the TV series "Mazhor" shown on the First Channel. His past life was filled with parties in nightclubs, expensive cars, and entertainment. One fine day, the boy's father decided to teach him a lesson and teach him how to live correctly. For this purpose, he sent him to work with ordinary mortals - to the local police station. At the same time, tragedy takes away from this world the relatives of the newly-minted investigator, who quickly grows up and intends to find those responsible for what happened by any means necessary.

In mid-October 2016, it became known that the streaming video service Netflix purchased the rights to show this series on their website from the studio Sreda and Alexander Tsekalo. Worldwide, this project will be available under a different name - "Silver Spoon," which coincides in meaning with the word "Mazhor." It is quite possible that all episodes of the second season will be available at once, as is customary for other TV shows of the media giant. This is positive news, as it is likely to accelerate the release of the continuation of the show.

At the moment, twelve 50-minute episodes have been released. The second part is also scheduled for 12 episodes, which were set to start airing on the First Channel at the end of January 2016.

Alexander Tsekalo's TV series has become one of the brightest premieres of 2014, so viewers are eagerly awaiting the continuation. The premiere episodes can be seen no earlier than in the fall of 2016.

When will Season 2 of Mazhor be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
02x01 14 November 2016
Season 2 episode 2
14 November 2016
Season 2 episode 3
15 November 2016
Season 2 episode 4
15 November 2016
Season 2 episode 5
16 November 2016
Season 2 episode 6
16 November 2016
Season 2 episode 7
17 November 2016
Season 2 episode 8
17 November 2016
02x09 21 November 2016
Season 2 episode 10
21 November 2016
Season 2 episode 11
22 November 2016
Season 2 episode 12
22 November 2016

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Мажор tv series

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