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Top 5 funniest TV shows of all time

Top 5 funniest TV shows of all time release date

The five most popular and funniest sitcoms of our time according to TVDate.

Sitcoms have long been a part of modern life, helping to pass 20-40 minutes of free time and lift spirits. Surely most readers of our website have already seen or heard about these series, but I assure you, these shows can be watched two or more times!

Let's start with the heavy artillery - the top of our ranking is occupied by the TV series "Friends" from NBC, which broke all possible ratings during its run from 1994 to 2004 and became an idol for all subsequent directors and producers in this genre.

  1. "Friends"

  2. Legendary six friends
    The plot revolves around a group of friends living in New York. Monica, her funny and clumsy brother Ross, the joker Chandler, ladies' man Joey, and the quirky Phoebe meet in the pilot episode at the "Central Perk" cafe, where their classmate Rachel runs to from her wedding. From there, the story of their lives begins, in which they intersect in various situations in each episode.
    Opening credits of the series

    All the show's characters have their own charm and uniqueness, which have made these actors not only very well-known, but also rich - during the filming of the final seasons, the show's stars were paid no less than a million dollars per episode! In general, if you haven't seen this sitcom yet - go and download all 10 seasons immediately, it won't leave anyone indifferent.

  3. "The Big Bang Theory"

  4. Another well-known project from CBS - "The Big Bang Theory", which occupies the second position in our ranking, but certainly does not lag behind in the number of jokes and overall impression of watching. The show has an incredible rating of 8.6 out of 10 on Kinopoisk and 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb, and was also recognized at the Golden Globe Awards in 2011. The series has been airing since 2007 and new episodes are still being produced.

    Smart is sexy.
    The plot revolves around the brilliant physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, who live in the same apartment. Misunderstood by ordinary people, they are in their own universe, where they hang out with their close friends Wolowitz and Koothrappali, play video games, watch "Star Trek" and read comics. Everything changes when a seductive blonde named Penny moves into their building, permanently changing the lives of this group...

  5. "How I Met Your Mother"

  6. Taking the third, but no less honorable place on the pedestal of the best sitcoms is "How I Met Your Mother" from CBS, which was created based on the idea of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The show has a total of 208 episodes divided into 9 seasons, which were aired from 2005 to 2014.

    A reverse love story.
    The main character of the series is Ted Mosby, who narrates the story of how he met their mother to his children in 2030. The story takes the viewers back to 2005, where the story of this architect begins in New York. Along with his university friends Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin, as well as his newfound acquaintances Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, they hang out in a local bar, where the guys often spend their leisure time. The plot develops dynamically, as do the lives of the main characters. On the way to the final revelation of Ted's story, you can expect plenty of funny and touching moments.

  7. "Scrubs"

  8. Taking the fourth spot in the ranking is the medical sitcom "Scrubs" from NBC. A total of nine seasons of the series were released from 2001 to 2010, which were appreciated by fans of this genre.

    One of the best medical sitcoms.
    The plot of the show revolves around two medical school graduates, John Dorian and his best friend Chris Turk. Together, they undergo an internship at Sacred Heart Hospital, where they embark on a challenging path towards becoming respected doctors. Along the way, they try to navigate their personal lives, which leads to plenty of dramatic moments in the show. The story is told from John's perspective, who at the end of each episode reflects on the events and situations he has experienced.

  9. "Modern Family"

  10. Another show from ABC, which immediately gained popularity among viewers and took top positions in the ratings among other channels, is "Modern Family". Its humor and excellent cast make the series appealing to almost any audience. It is recommended for family viewing - everyone will find a piece of themselves in the show's characters.

    One big happy family.
    The series revolves around three seemingly ordinary American families: Jay and his younger wife Gloria, the gay couple Cameron and Mitchell, and Phil and Claire Dunphy. Additionally, they all have children, and Jay, the head of the clan, even has grandchildren. They are all connected because Claire and Mitchell are the biological children of Jay's oldest child. They gather together at Jay's house for almost every holiday and solve domestic family problems. Each character is important, and episode after episode, the writers turn the families inside out with their problems and relationships. It's impossible not to love such unique characters, so even though the show is ranked fifth in our rating, it is definitely worth watching!

    But the ranking presented in the article is only the editor's version of the TVDate website, so we would be happy to read your version of the funniest sitcoms of today in the comments.

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