Mednoe solntce

Mednoe solnce
  • Slogan: Leave or stay?
  • Genre: Military, drama
  • Premiere Date: 26 November 2018
  • Country: Russia
  • Channel: NTV
  • Director: Karen Hovhannisyan
  • Plot:
  • Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Sergey Dvoinikov, Elizaveta Ivanova, Oleg Galakhov, Zarina Mukhitdinova, Alexey Shevchenkov, Vladimir Niskov, Konstantin Milovanov, Arseny Robak, Sabina Akhmedova, Gleb Bochkov, Maxim Emelianov, Mikael Dzhanibekyan, Olga Medynich, Evgeny Chubar, Sergey Dyakov
  • Rating: 8.0 / 402 10
  • Kinopoisk:
  • IMDb:
Air time: Monday21:00
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Mednoe solntce release date

The military drama by the film studio "Cargo" and "MARS Media" premiered on the channel "NTV" in 2018. Mashkov, who played the main role, previously underwent a training course in the basics of parade walking and mastered the basics of conducting.

The separation of the former Soviet republics did not go smoothly. Revolutionary uprisings, pursuing the right to autonomy, formed national intolerance and aggression. A small village located in the Uzbek SSR was inhabited not only by local residents but also by Russians. They worked together and preferred not to get involved in the events taking place. Rumors of the friendliness and respect shown by the locals reached the Bolsheviks. The revolutionaries hastened to correct the situation that had arisen by using brute force. The approach of the armed forces prompted the prompt evacuation of the Russian military units stationed in the settlement. However, in the rush, part of the unit was forgotten to be informed. The military orchestra, performing music at a wedding, returned too late and did not manage to meet their comrades. There is still time to retreat, but the remaining residents are in great danger. The musicians, possessing not only skilled execution techniques but also brave hearts, cannot abandon the people to the whim of fate. Those who have never been on the front lines and do not understand how to properly handle weapons decide to try to defend the settlement, putting their own lives at stake.

Release date of Mednoe solntce TV Series

New episodes of the «Mednoe solntce» series aired every Monday 21:00 on «NTV» channel. The specified air time corresponds to the country - Russia. Eastern Daylight Time, the episode will be available same day.
Mednoe solntce Season 1 - 6 Episodes
Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
Season 1 Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 3
Season 1 Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 1

Mednoe solntce TV Series trailer

Mednoe solntce трейлер

News about Mednoe solntce tv series

  • Elena Denisovich, one of the producers of the TV show "Mednoye Solntse", announced the intention to release Season 2 in the second half of 2019.

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  • 1 season
  • 6 episodes
  • 4 hoursDuration: 44 minutes