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Svetlana Season 2

Svetlana Season 2 release date

The official representative of the film company "World Russian Studios" assured the audience that Season 2 of the TV series "Svetlana" should be expected in autumn 2021.

The final episode of the first part will be shown on the "First Channel" in October 2018. The story revolves around the difficult life of the heiress of the great leader of the people.

What will be shown in season 2

The main character becomes a charismatic girl named Svetlana Alliluyeva, who had to experience a series of difficult trials. She was deprived of a mother's love, and her excessively stern father did not spoil her with gifts. Joseph Vissarionovich held his daughter strictly and did not give her freedom. Growing up, she got married and sincerely hoped that the marriage would be happy. However, her dreams did not come true. After the divorce process, her ex-husband Yuri threatened to take her newborn daughter away from her. The attractive woman rushed to seek support from her famous parent and came to visit him. But in those days Stalin felt unwell. At first, she tried not to leave the bed of her seriously ill father, but soon she could not bear the torment and his difficult character. The political figure could not completely recover and passed away. The grief-stricken lady was deeply upset not only by the death of her closest relative, but also by the betrayal of her beloved. Kaplan managed to visit prison, after which he announced to the lady about their separation.

The main roles were played by: Sergey Koltakov, noted in films "There Will Be no Winter" and "Bottomless Bag", Victoria Romanenko, known for the TV series "The Last Minute" and "Fatal Legacy", Robert Studenovsky, who took part in projects "Police Saga" and "Shamaness" and other actors.

The premiere took place on October 15, 2018. 8 episodes were prepared. The creators of the drama shared with the audience details of the biography of the "Kremlin princess".

When will Season 2 of Svetlana be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
18 October 2021
Season 2 episode 2
19 October 2021
Season 2 episode 3
20 October 2021
Season 2 episode 4
21 October 2021
Season 2 episode 5
25 October 2021
Season 2 episode 6
26 October 2021
Season 2 episode 7
27 October 2021
Season 2 episode 8
28 October 2021

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of  tv series

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