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Blindspot Season 4

Blindspot Season 4 release date

The TV series "Blindspot" successfully started with its first season in 2015. An intriguing beginning, an interesting plot, and good acting determined the renewal of the series for new seasons.

In autumn 2017, the first episode of the third season will be aired, with the broadcast still being carried out by the NBS channel. The finale of the third chapter of the story will take place in spring 2018. Now, however, all viewers and fans of the show are interested in the question: when will the fourth season of "Blindspot" be released? Strictly speaking, the show has not yet been renewed for a new season, so it is too early to say. However, in the event of the project being renewed by the management of the NBS channel, new episodes will be released in September of next year, so we need to wait until autumn 2018.

About the plot of the new season

What should we expect from the fourth season? In the second and third seasons, a serious confrontation unfolded between the FBI and "Sandstorm". It turned out that Jane herself used to be a part of this organization, and her adoptive mother is the leader of "Sandstorm". The main heroine finds it difficult to accept all this, she is torn between her new friends in the FBI and her former allies. She is forced to work undercover, but the main heroine still cannot figure out if she has taken the right side and what she should do. In the fourth season, we will see the continuation of this captivating and intricate story, so don't miss the release of new episodes.

It is also worth reminding ourselves of where it all began. In September 2016, the pilot episode was shown, which received mostly positive reviews. The focus was on the story of a mysterious woman whose memory was erased, and whose body was covered in tattoos. At the same time, she had absolutely no recollection of who she was. As the plot developed, the intrigue of this narrative also unfolded. The first season consisted of 23 episodes, and the second and third chapters of the story had the same number of episodes.

When will Season 4 of Blindspot be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 4 episode 1
12 October 2018
Season 4 episode 2
19 October 2018
Season 4 episode 3
26 October 2018
Season 4 episode 4
02 November 2018
Season 4 episode 5
09 November 2018
Season 4 episode 6
16 November 2018
Season 4 episode 7
30 November 2018
Season 4 episode 8
07 December 2018
Season 4 episode 9
11 January 2019
Season 4 episode 10
18 January 2019
Season 4 episode 11
01 February 2019
Season 4 episode 12
08 February 2019
Season 4 episode 13
15 February 2019
Season 4 episode 14
08 March 2019
Season 4 episode 15
15 March 2019
Season 4 episode 16
22 March 2019
Season 4 episode 17
05 April 2019
Season 4 episode 18
12 April 2019
Season 4 episode 19
19 April 2019
Season 4 episode 20
24 May 2019
Season 4 episode 21
31 May 2019
Season 4 episode 22
31 May 2019

Trailer of Season 4

Video about season 4 of Слепое пятно tv series

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