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Casual Season 3

Casual Season 3 release date

The current 2nd season of the comedy series "Casual" about a brother and sister who, by circumstances, find themselves under the same roof again, will finish with the final episode only on August 23, 2016, but its fans are already thirsty to know when the continuation will be available to them.

The creators of the film, the film studio "Casual Productions" and the TV channel "Hulu", have not made any official statements about the release of the 3rd season, however, considering the high ratings and popularity of the film, it can be assumed that director Trisha Brock will present the continuation next summer.

What will happen in season 3

The plot revolves around Valerie and her brother Alex, who moved away from their parents many years ago and have since lived their own lives. However, everything changes in an instant: Valerie, once completely satisfied with her family situation, catches her husband in the arms of his mistress. She immediately files for divorce and moves in with her daughter Laura to her brother's place. Initially, it was supposed to be temporary. But this "temporary" situation drags on for an unknown period of time, and now brother and sister are solving the problems of their shared life together, while Valerie diligently tries to find a girlfriend for Alex according to her own taste. And Laura also demands constant attention, because the life of an American teenager is so difficult and unpredictable. In the new season, the relatives will continue to delight viewers with funny situations that they invariably find themselves in.

The premiere episode of the series was shown on October 7, 2015. In total, Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes. In Season 2, much to the delight of fans of North American humor, the number of episodes was increased to 13.

When will Season 3 of Casual be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 3 episode 1
23 May 2017
Season 3 episode 2
23 May 2017
Season 3 episode 3
23 May 2017
Season 3 episode 4
30 May 2017
Season 3 episode 5
06 June 2017
Season 3 episode 6
13 June 2017
Season 3 episode 7
20 June 2017
Season 3 episode 8
27 June 2017
Season 3 episode 9
04 July 2017
Season 3 episode 10
11 July 2017
Season 3 episode 11
18 July 2017
Season 3 episode 12
25 July 2017
Season 3 episode 13
01 August 2017

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Без обязательств tv series

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