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Fizruk Season 3

Fizruk Season 3 release date

The new season of the TV show Fizruk by TNT will premiere on April 4, 2016. The filming has already been completed, and viewers can expect an equally captivating continuation.

In the second season, we had to worry because Foma was not himself. There were positive moments, such as their relationship with Tanya.

After Dima and Elena betrayed Oleg Fomin, he went to prison. The only one who can get him out of there is Sasha Mamaeva, who is blinded by the rapper's speeches from Bataysk and does not see the whole picture around her.

Official premiere date of the third season of Fizruk

Sasha's father himself will go to help his friend in the new season, with whom they had a heartfelt conversation in the last episode.

The third season of Fizruk starts with the 41st episode, which, like the previous ones, will last about 20 minutes. We just have to wait for the premiere and follow the actors' Twitter and social media accounts, which continually delight us with details from the set.

What will happen in the 3rd season of Fizruk

The continuation of the comedy drama was filmed in Moscow in the late summer of 2015. This is reported by the official community of the TV channel on Vkontakte, which posted a series of photos of the actors on set and the upcoming scenes.

Oleg Fomin ends up in prison because of his employer Belka, and Dima's and Sasha Mamaeva's nephew. He will be helped to get out of this difficult situation by his loyal friend Alexey and teacher Tatyana, whom he is in love with.

About the series

Oleg Fomin (Dmitriy Nagiev) Oleg Fomin (actor Dmitriy Nagiev) - the main character of the "Fizruk" series on the TNT channel. In the past, he was the head of security for successful businessman Mamay, but was forced to retire. To get his position back, he takes a job as a physical education teacher at a school where the boss's daughter studies. Along the way, he gets into a lot of trouble, from which his loyal friend Alexey helps him escape. At the end of the first part of the show, he realizes that he no longer wants to work as a security guard, and thanks to his work at school, he has found love and his place in life. Unfortunately, the consequences of his actions cannot be stopped, and he loses almost all his wealth, car, friends, and loved one... The end of the 2nd season - the scene with Foma being transferred to prison.

The creators of the show promise that in the third part, the life of the beloved physical education teacher will finally start to improve. Some of the problems that only worsened throughout the first 40 episodes will be solved, as well as the financial and romantic aspects of Foma's life. Detailed information about the plot is not yet disclosed, so as not to lose the audience's interest in the premiere of the comedy, which is planned for the beginning of 2016. On New Year's Eve, the TNT channel announced that they plan to premiere it in April, starting from the 4th.

When will Season 3 of Fizruk be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 3 episode 1
04 April 2016
Season 3 episode 2
04 April 2016
Season 3 episode 3
05 April 2016
Season 3 episode 4
06 April 2016
Season 3 episode 5
07 April 2016
03x06 11 April 2016
Season 3 episode 7
12 April 2016
Season 3 episode 8
13 April 2016
Season 3 episode 9
14 April 2016
03x10 18 April 2016
Season 3 episode 11
19 April 2016
Season 3 episode 12
20 April 2016
Season 3 episode 13
21 April 2016
03x14 25 April 2016
Season 3 episode 15
26 April 2016
Season 3 episode 16
27 April 2016
Season 3 episode 17
28 April 2016
03x18 04 May 2016
Season 3 episode 19
05 May 2016
03x20 10 May 2016
Season 3 episode 21
11 May 2016

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Физрук tv series

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