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Inspektor Kuper Season 3 release date

In May 2015, the second season of the detective series "Inspector Cooper" finished with great success and an incredible number of fans, who were captivated by the originality of the plot and interesting characters. Viewers have been waiting for over a year for information about the start of filming for the continuation.

The NTV channel, for which the shoot was carried out, extended the project, which was named "Inspector Cooper. A New Challenge" and became a separate series that continues the already known story and to some extent is considered the 3rd season. The multi-series film will be released in early 2018 for public viewing.

What will happen in the third season

The series is about Alexey Kupriyanov, better known as "Cooper". He used to serve in the operations department, but after the brutal and unpunished murder of his partner, he was forced to leave that position and become a precinct officer in a troubled district in order to find his friend's killer himself. The locals are sure that Cooper is a real hero, because he punishes not only small thieves, but also drug dealers and arsonists. In reality, Kupriyanov's mission is much more important - every day he encounters repeat offenders and criminals who want to seek revenge on him, and he fights them. His great sense of humor helps him in this matter. In the new season, Alexey will face conflicts with his ex-wife, problems with his teenage son, and an army of foolish criminals.

The viewers saw Inspector Cooper on the screens for the first time on October 8, 2012. The character turned out to be so interesting that all 25 episodes, filled with dangerous adventures and intricate investigations, flew by like 1 episode.

When will Season 3 of Inspektor Kuper be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 3 episode 1
01 February 2018
Season 3 episode 2
01 February 2018
Season 3 episode 3
02 February 2018
Season 3 episode 4
02 February 2018
Season 3 episode 5
05 February 2018
Season 3 episode 6
05 February 2018
Season 3 episode 7
06 February 2018
Season 3 episode 8
06 February 2018
Season 3 episode 9
07 February 2018
Season 3 episode 10
07 February 2018
Season 3 episode 11
08 February 2018
Season 3 episode 12
08 February 2018
Season 3 episode 13
12 February 2018
Season 3 episode 14
12 February 2018
Season 3 episode 15
13 February 2018
Season 3 episode 16
13 February 2018
Season 3 episode 17
14 February 2018
Season 3 episode 18
14 February 2018
Season 3 episode 19
15 February 2018
Season 3 episode 20
15 February 2018

Trailer of Season 3

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