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Naparnitcy Season 2 release date

The final series of the first season of the domestic detective melodrama "Naparnitcy" premiered on the blue screens on March 29, 2016, but the adventures of two beautiful employees of the operational department became so beloved by the viewers that they can't wait to find out when the continuation will be released.

The TV channel "Domashniy", where the premiere will be held, reported that the filming crew, led by director Guzel Kireeva, has already started shooting the 2nd season, planned to be released in spring 2017. The project is once again produced by the film studio "2B".

What will happen in the 2nd season

The main plot of the series revolves around the personal drama of Larisa Voitovich, who works as an investigator at the district police department. Several years ago, she experienced a heavy loss: her husband, Yegor Raevsky, exchanged Larisa for her best friend, Yulia, and a few days later, under tragic circumstances, he died. Voitovich immersed herself in work and gradually began to recover, when suddenly Yulia approaches her with a request to become her partner in the investigation of Yegor's murder case. Such a proposition seems outrageous to Larisa, however, the presence of many inconsistencies and oddities in the case makes her accept the offer from her former friend. The adventures of the two operatives will continue in the new season, where they will face the consequences of their actions.

The first episode out of the 20 released was shown to the public on March 14, 2016. There are strong reasons to believe that the next season will consist of the same number of episodes, full of non-trivial humor and unraveling detective puzzles.

When will Season 2 of Naparnitcy be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
29 March 2016
Season 2 episode 2
29 March 2016
Season 2 episode 3
30 March 2016
Season 2 episode 4
30 March 2016
Season 2 episode 5
31 March 2016
Season 2 episode 6
31 March 2016
Season 2 episode 7
01 April 2016
Season 2 episode 8
01 April 2016
Season 2 episode 9
05 April 2016
Season 2 episode 10
05 April 2016
Season 2 episode 11
06 April 2016
Season 2 episode 12
06 April 2016
Season 2 episode 13
07 April 2016
Season 2 episode 14
07 April 2016
Season 2 episode 15
08 April 2016
Season 2 episode 16
08 April 2016
Season 2 episode 17
12 April 2016
Season 2 episode 18
12 April 2016
Season 2 episode 19
13 April 2016
Season 2 episode 20
13 April 2016

Trailer of Season 2

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