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New Girl Season 7

New Girl Season 7 release date

The current 6th season of the comedy project "New Girl", whose main character is a sexy young teacher, premiered on September 20, 2016. The lighthearted and fun story has gathered many fans who are interested in the release of the next episodes.

The project from the FOX channel, which was directed by Jake Kasdan, will surely be renewed, as the ratings of the premiere episodes are already quite high. If this result continues, viewers will be able to see Season 7 in approximately fall 2017.

What will happen in Season 7

The action revolves around Jessica, who works as a teacher at a school and has not yet met her destiny. Until recently, she had a boyfriend whom she caught in the arms of another woman and instantly broke up with, taking all her things from the apartment and moving to another place. However, she will not be living alone here, but in the company of three guys! They also have their quirks: Winston has a lively and cheerful character, but he is completely unserious; Schmidt, being Jewish and at the same time a metrosexual, is constantly concerned about the opinions of others about himself and the order around him; and Nick, at the age of 30, works as a simple bartender and is not worried about anything. In the new season, the group will once again find themselves in hilarious situations and brilliantly extricate themselves from them.

The premiere episode of Season 1, which consists of a total of 24 episodes, aired on September 20, 2011. In the future, the creators constantly changed the number of episodes, varying them from 20 to 24.

When will Season 7 of New Girl be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 7 episode 1
10 April 2018
Season 7 episode 2
17 April 2018
Season 7 episode 3
24 April 2018
Season 7 episode 4
01 May 2018
Season 7 episode 5
08 May 2018
Season 7 episode 6
15 May 2018
Season 7 episode 7
22 May 2018
Season 7 episode 8
29 May 2018

Trailer of Season 7

Video about season 7 of Новенькая tv series

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