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Olga Season 2

Olga Season 2 release date

The TNT channel, together with Good Story Media, presented the first season of the series "Olga" in early September 2016. Read about the further fate of this comedy drama in our article.

The creators of the TV series were so confident in the success of the project that they extended it for the next year even before the premiere on television. The filming process of the second season of the series "Olga" started on September 12, 2016, and you can already watch the new episodes of this sitcom from September 4, 2017.

What will happen in Season 2

Olga will continue solving the problems of a typical single mother. She will help her daughter raise a child, save her father from alcohol, and make her son more courageous. Of course, this is not easy as besides family chores, the woman has more important things to do - earn money and find a potential life partner. Moreover, the children of the woman in her forties are always seeking trouble. Her daughter Anya is eager to get married and have a baby with her boyfriend Andryukha, and the younger Timofey is trying to become a man in the family. The younger sister of the main character, Lenka, cannot grow up and find her calling in life. And the honorary grandfather of the family, YurGen, cannot quit his drinking habit. Only Grisha brings bright emotions into the life of the single mother.

Photos from the filming of the second season:

The TV series "Olga" with Yana Troyanova in the lead role debuted in early September 2016 on weekdays on the TNT channel. The script revolves around a divorced 37-year-old woman who is constantly solving her children's problems while neglecting her own life. The genre of the show is fluid and often transitions from comedy to drama and even melodrama. The first part of the show consisted of 20 episodes, each lasting 25 minutes.

When will Season 2 of Olga be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
04 September 2017
Season 2 episode 2
05 September 2017
Season 2 episode 3
06 September 2017
Season 2 episode 4
07 September 2017
Season 2 episode 5
11 September 2017
Season 2 episode 6
12 September 2017
Season 2 episode 7
13 September 2017
Season 2 episode 8
14 September 2017
Season 2 episode 9
18 September 2017
Season 2 episode 10
19 September 2017
Season 2 episode 11
20 September 2017
Season 2 episode 12
21 September 2017
Season 2 episode 13
25 September 2017
Season 2 episode 14
26 September 2017
Season 2 episode 15
27 September 2017
Season 2 episode 16
28 September 2017
Season 2 episode 17
02 October 2017
Season 2 episode 18
03 October 2017
Season 2 episode 19
04 October 2017
Season 2 episode 20
05 October 2017

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Ольга tv series

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