One-Punch Man

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One punch man
  • Slogan:
  • Genre: Action, comedy, fantasy
  • Premiere Date: 01 October 2015
  • Country: Japan
  • Channel: TV Tokyo
  • Director: Shun'ichi Yoshizawa, Shingo Natsume
  • Plot:
  • Cast: Makoto Furukawa, Kaito Ishikawa, Hatano Wataru, Hiroki Goto, Kanami Sato, Minami Takayama, Yoshiaki Hasegawa, Masaya Onosaka, Kenta Sasha, Yoji Ueda, Shinya Hamazoe, Kaede Yuasa, Yuichi Nakamura, Yuuki Kaji, Aoi Yuki, Kazuhiro Yamaji, Shota Yamamoto, Soichiro Hoshi, Kenjiro Tsuda, Hiromichi Tezuka
  • Rating: 7.9 / 72 10
  • Kinopoisk: 9 / 8503
  • IMDb: 9 / 52491
Air time: Sunday22:05
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One-Punch Man release date

The popular anime "One-Punch Man" was released in Japan back in 2015 on TV Tokyo, but our viewers were able to see this amazing work in 2016. The anime took the top position in the ratings, and now the creators are working on the second season, which will be a continuation of the fascinating story of the main hero.

The whole world, including Tokyo, is under attack by extraterrestrial villains, some of whom have long been hiding within the Earth's depths. Now they have become active and are trying to take over our world. The population of the planet suffers from horrible and destructive attacks, but real heroes come to the defense of the weak. Superhumans have even formed their own association, where they work together, while some simply show off. Our hero was a loser clerk three years ago, who decided to completely change his life. He had his reasons for that - the guy trained for a long time, but clearly went too far in his desire to become the strongest. After all, he trained so diligently that he even went bald, and his power became so great that now he has no equal opponents. In the heroic society, he is called One-Punch Man, as he kills all enemies with just one punch. Soon, such a life became boring for Saitama, and he is constantly searching for strong villains. On the path of this invincible bald fighter against evil, he encounters a guy who wants to learn all the skills from the defender of humanity. Could it be that a sense of life will appear for Saitama? After all, surprises await him ahead. The enemies have long been preparing for a grand battle.

Release date of One-Punch Man TV Series

New episodes of the «One-Punch Man» series aired every Sunday 22:05 on «TV Tokyo» channel. The specified air time corresponds to the country - Japan. Eastern Daylight Time, the episode will be available same day.
One-Punch Man Season 2 - 1 Episode
Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
Season 2 Episode 1
This season was aired on Monday, October 15 at 22:00
One-Punch Man Season 1 - 12 Episodes
Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
Season 1 Episode 12 - The Strongest Hero
Season 1 Episode 11 - The Dominator of the Universe
Season 1 Episode 10 - Unparalleled Peril
Season 1 Episode 9 - Unyielding Justice
Season 1 Episode 8 - The Deep Sea King
Season 1 Episode 7 - The Ultimate Disciple
Season 1 Episode 6 - The Terrifying City
Season 1 Episode 5 - The Ultimate Mentor
Season 1 Episode 4 - The Modern Ninja
Season 1 Episode 3 - The Obsessive Scientist
Season 1 Episode 2 - The Lone Cyborg
Season 1 Episode 1 - The Strongest Man

One-Punch Man TV Series trailer

One-Punch Man трейлер

News about One-Punch Man tv series

  • The multi-series web manga "One-Punch Man" by Tokyo TV may return to the air with its second season in late autumn of 2018, but there is still no exact date yet. Such predictions are given by the company Madhouse, responsible for the production of the animated series. The publisher One promises an unpredictable continuation of the story.

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  • 2 seasons
  • 13 episodes
  • 5 hoursDuration: 25 minutes