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Season 6 of The Walking Dead will be divided into two parts

Season 6 of The Walking Dead will be divided into two parts release date

In the sixth season of the series, there will be a break in airing for almost 2 months, from November 29th, 2015 to February 14th, 2016.

Fans are outraged because the plot was stopped at a very interesting point.

The eighth episode, shown at the end of November, took the main characters out of Alexandria, which was already besieged by the Wolves and overrun with zombies going the wrong way. The fence was destroyed, and in order to survive, Rick gathers the remnants of the team, covers them in guts, and leads them out of the house surrounded by walkers. In addition, Diana Monroe, who recently lost her entire family, is bitten by a walker, so her death is inevitable. Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, who separated from the main group of survivors, fall into Negan's ambush, as he tries to take their weapons and car from them. Whether he will let them live or not, we will find out only in the ninth episode.

According to the management of the AMC channel, the gap between episodes is a planned step, which will not only increase interest and ratings of the series "The Walking Dead," but also give viewers a break from endless zombie TV shows. Let us remind you that at the end of summer 2015, a spin-off TV series "Fear the Walking Dead" premiered on AMC, airing right before the sixth season.

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