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The Walking Dead Season 7 release date

In early April 2016, the 6th season of the TV series "The Walking Dead" came to an end. In total, AMC released 16 episodes in this part of the zombie-apocalyptic story.

The creators of the series and the management of the AMC channel extended the show to a seventh season almost immediately after the premiere of the sixth season - October 30, 2015. The new part of the survival story in a world full of "walkers" will air from October 23, 2016, as was announced after the annual Comic Con festival. Just like before, you can expect 16 exciting episodes in which zombies will try to eliminate humanity once and for all. The filming of the new season will start on May 2, 2016, and as photos become available, we will add them to this article.

Photo shoot of the actors for Entertainment magazine

The plot of the series starts going in circles. The seemingly secure settlement of Alexandria is once again overrun by ubiquitous zombies. In addition, Negan, who appeared in the middle of the plot, his gang "The Saviors" take Rick Grimes' friends hostage. In order to survive, the former police officer will have to pick up his revolver again and dispense justice. In order to demonstrate his power at the end of the sixth season, Negan kills one of Rick's close friends with the "Lucille" bat, but who exactly can be seen only in October 2016. In the original comic by Darabont, Glenn is eliminated from the race for survival.

In the beginning of season 7, one of the group will be killed

What will happen in Season 7

The new chapter of the story will unfold in the Hilltop community, where there are survivors in the tens more than they have seen before. But this also means greater responsibility - an armed bandit group collects tribute from the Alexandria community, half of all its possessions. The situation changes when Rick and his friends develop a plan for revenge for Negan's and "The Saviors'" committed killings, and fight against the collection of property and ammunition from the guys.

Shortly after the start of filming, the show's creators released exclusive shots showing fragments from the new chapter of the show:

The premiere of the seventh season of The Walking Dead series will take place on the cable channel AMC, as usual, on the second Sunday of October 2016. Stay tuned for news about the series on our website to stay informed about the plans of the creators of this legendary zombie show.

When will Season 7 of The Walking Dead be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
07x01 23 October 2016
07x02 30 October 2016
07x03 06 November 2016
Season 7 episode 4
13 November 2016
Season 7 episode 5
20 November 2016
Season 7 episode 6
27 November 2016
Season 7 episode 7
04 December 2016
Season 7 episode 8
11 December 2016
07x09 12 February 2017
07x10 19 February 2017
07x11 26 February 2017
07x12 05 March 2017
07x13 12 March 2017
07x14 19 March 2017
07x15 26 March 2017
07x16 02 April 2017

Trailer of Season 7

Video about season 7 of Ходячие мертвецы tv series

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