Statia 105 Season 2

Statia 105 Season 2 release date

You will be able to see the second season of the thrilling action movie "Article 105" in the first half of 2021, as promised by the executive producer Rafael Minasbekyan.

The final episode of Season 1 will be broadcasted on the channel "NTV" at the beginning of 2020. At the center of the detective drama is a hardworking woman who is willing to take huge risks for the triumph of justice.

Season 2 Announcement

An enchanting beauty named Ekaterina has been aware since early childhood that she is responsible for her actions. She strives to live by her conscience and not harm those close to her. This enterprising individual has a kind heart and a courageous nature. She found a job in the police and patiently established contact with self-assured colleagues. Pavlenkova tried to do everything possible to make her respected father, a general, proud of her achievements. The girl threw herself into the midst of events and brilliantly carried out difficult assignments from the higher leadership. Soon, a series of terrifying incidents occurred in the Russian capital. A heartless and bloodthirsty criminal disposed of his chosen victims, forcing them to kneel beforehand. The unfortunate citizens were shot. The ambitious investigator immediately felt that she had to find the culprit and hold him accountable. The hardworking heroine hoped that she would be able to anticipate the further steps of the inhuman maniac.

The roles were played by: Dmitry Palamarchuk, who appeared in the series "Matryoshka" and "In the Clutches of Lies," Yuliya Silayeva, who starred in the full-length films "Ada's Family" and "That Means Love," Yevgeny Sidikhin, who was involved in the films "Work Without Authorship" and "Presidential Vacation," and other artists.

The premiere is scheduled for 2020. There are 4 episodes. The screenplay is about a brave law enforcement officer who carefully observes the law.

When will Season 2 of Statia 105 be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
29 November 2021
Season 2 episode 2
30 November 2021
Season 2 episode 3
01 December 2021
Season 2 episode 4
02 December 2021
Season 2 episode 5
06 December 2021
Season 2 episode 6
07 December 2021
Season 2 episode 7
08 December 2021
Season 2 episode 8
09 December 2021
Season 2 episode 9
13 December 2021
Season 2 episode 10
14 December 2021
Season 2 episode 11
15 December 2021
Season 2 episode 12
16 December 2021

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