Okhota na pevitcu Season 2

Okhota na pevitcu Season 2 release date

Aleksandr Kasatkin, director of the TV series "Hunting for the Singer," has revealed that the second season will be released in spring 2021.

The final of the first season will be broadcasted by the channel "NTV" in the middle of 2020. This thriller creation will tell the viewers about a real incident that happened to the singer Alla Pugacheva.

Plot Preview of Season 2

The main character is a charismatic and ambitious beauty named Anya, who always knew what she wanted to do in the future. She had excellent vocal skills and planned to build a career in the music industry. Bogacheva easily fulfilled her dream and by the age of 27 became a quite recognizable person. She often went on tour and delighted the audience with interesting performances. The attractive performer lived a quite fruitful and eventful life, worked a lot, and had no idea that soon a ruthless psychopath would start hunting her down. Nikonov sat behind bars and became interested in the work of the enchanting stranger. After his release, the uncompromising man set out to track down the appealing girl. The maniac began to follow her every step and explore the house where she lived. A hardworking policeman named Efimchenko learned that a crazy criminal was stalking the celebrity. The investigator started gathering evidence and hoped to catch the scoundrel in a short time.

The main roles were played by: Artem Bystrov, noticed in the films "Silent Scream" and "Earthquake", Alexander Ustygov, who played in the movies "Alibi" and "Leningradskaya Rhapsody", Anna Karelyna, who participated in the series "Bedroom Breakfast" and "A.L.ZH.I.R." and other actors.

The premiere took place in April 2019. 16 episodes were filmed. The script is about a charming pop star who is pursued by a former prisoner.

When will Season 2 of Okhota na pevitcu be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
05 April 2021
Season 2 episode 2
05 April 2021
Season 2 episode 3
06 April 2021
Season 2 episode 4
06 April 2021
Season 2 episode 5
07 April 2021
Season 2 episode 6
07 April 2021
Season 2 episode 7
08 April 2021
Season 2 episode 8
08 April 2021
Season 2 episode 9
12 April 2021
Season 2 episode 10
12 April 2021
Season 2 episode 11
13 April 2021
Season 2 episode 12
13 April 2021
Season 2 episode 13
14 April 2021
Season 2 episode 14
14 April 2021
Season 2 episode 15
15 April 2021
Season 2 episode 16
15 April 2021

Trailer of Season 2

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