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What will be shown in the 7th season of The Walking Dead

What will be shown in the 7th season of The Walking Dead release date

Announcement of the seventh season of the series

The premiere of the TV series "The Walking Dead" from the AMC channel is getting closer, which means that the creators of the show will try every way to intrigue the viewers. What awaits us in the new chapter of this post-apocalyptic show, read in this article.

The main mystery of the TV series is who will die from Negan's "Lucille" bat. Naturally, no one gives exact information. However, the comic states that it should be Glenn, but deviations from the show's plot and the official comic by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Richard Adler have already been made as the show airs.

Now let's look at the series of photos that AMC added to their website before the premiere in October. Morgan goes to the Kingdom, where he will meet King Ezekiel. The main mystery of this character remains his reaction to the walkers and survivors after the settlement events. As we know, Morgan adhered to the "don't kill" philosophy and mastered martial arts with a stick.

Along with the aforementioned hero, Carol, who was expelled for excessive cruelty at the end of the 6th season, will also go on a journey to the Kingdom. However, "The Saviors" attacked her on the way, but she successfully dealt with them together with Morgan.

The main character of this season is Negan

The main character of this season is Negan
Negan is one of the most central antagonists of the seventh part of the zombie series. Almost all events of the show revolve around his community and his struggle. Will he be able to deal with the offender Rick Grimes and seize power over his own settlement? This mystery will keep viewers in suspense for more than one episode...

The seventh season of the series "The Walking Dead" will start on October 23, 2016, on AMC. Don't miss the continuation of one of the highest-rated global shows!

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