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Adaptatciia Season 2 release date

At the beginning of 2017, the first season of the TV series "Adaptatciia" consisting of 17 episodes was aired on TNT. Find out in this article if there are plans to shoot new episodes of this comedy by Fyodor Stukov.

The management of the TNT channel, represented by Igor Mishin, has confirmed plans to extend the series "Adaptation" for a second season. Due to the high ratings, filming continued in 2018. From March 18, 2019, the premiere of the 2nd season of Adaptation will be shown.

What awaits viewers in the 2nd season

In the new episodes, the storyline of the first season will continue and the double agent will be forced to choose between saving his homeland and new friends from Russia. It is also highly likely that his cover will be blown and everyone will find out about the spy. Now Gazprom will search for leaks within its ranks. The main character has found many new friends and a girlfriend in the northern city, so he begins to doubt his mission. He has not yet discovered the secret of obtaining valuable minerals from the depths and has another year left. The US government is puzzled as to why there is still no information from their assigned employee and sends another person to Russia.

The main roles in the series were given to Leonid Bichevin (the spy from the US) and Yevgeniya Brik (the girl whom the double agent fell in love with). The script was written by Anton Shchukin, known for his project "Phizruk".

The TV series "Adaptation" tells the story of an American spy who, at the request of the oil and gas industry in the US, must uncover the secret technology of extracting shale gas. For this, he is adapted to the upcoming everyday life and sent to work at Gazprom in Russia. But it turns out that no one can be fully prepared for the everyday life of a Russian person...

When will Season 2 of Adaptatciia be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
18 March 2019
Season 2 episode 2
18 March 2019
Season 2 episode 3
18 March 2019
Season 2 episode 4
19 March 2019
Season 2 episode 5
19 March 2019
Season 2 episode 6
20 March 2019
Season 2 episode 7
20 March 2019
Season 2 episode 8
21 March 2019
Season 2 episode 9
21 March 2019
Season 2 episode 10
25 March 2019
Season 2 episode 11
25 March 2019
Season 2 episode 12
26 March 2019
Season 2 episode 13
26 March 2019
Season 2 episode 14
27 March 2019
Season 2 episode 15
27 March 2019
Season 2 episode 16
28 March 2019
Season 2 episode 17
28 March 2019
Season 2 episode 18
01 April 2019
Season 2 episode 19
01 April 2019
Season 2 episode 20
02 April 2019

Trailer of Season 2

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