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BrainDead Season 2

BrainDead Season 2 release date

On August 28, 2016, the airing of the final episode of the current season of the series is planned, but fans of comedic science fiction thrillers are already eager to know if there will be a continuation.

According to the official statement of the creators of the film, representatives of the CBS channel, shooting for the second season will start very soon, with director Allan Arkush taking charge. The approximate release date for the new episodes of "iZombie" is set for summer 2017.

What will happen in Season 2

The mystical series revolves around the story of a girl named Liv who temporarily works at the urban Congress. Her new position has brought her nothing but trouble: firstly, the constantly competing Democratic and Republican parties threaten the existence of the entire Parliament with their illegitimate actions, and secondly, the leading politicians of America have been attacked by small aliens who consume their brains. In order to somehow cope with this situation, Liv teams up with a conspirator named Gus and a doctor named Ravi. The second season will also be full of incredible events, revealing the mysteries behind such strange behavior of world leaders.

The premiere episode was presented to the wider audience on June 13, 2016. A total of 10 episodes filled with fantasy, humor, and unexpected twists of events were created.

When will Season 2 of BrainDead be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
07 September 2016
Season 2 episode 2
14 September 2016
Season 2 episode 3
21 September 2016
Season 2 episode 4
05 October 2016
Season 2 episode 5
18 October 2016
Season 2 episode 6
25 October 2016
Season 2 episode 7
01 November 2016
Season 2 episode 8
08 November 2016
Season 2 episode 9
15 November 2016
Season 2 episode 10
22 November 2016
Season 2 episode 11
29 November 2016
Season 2 episode 12
06 December 2016
Season 2 episode 13
06 December 2016

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Безмозглые tv series

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