Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi Season 2

Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi Season 2 release date

In the spring of 2016, a life-affirming series titled "Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi" premiered on the "Yu" channel. Find out what awaits Lusha in the new episodes and the release date of the next season in this article.

The rating, positive, and unusual series "Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi" has not yet been renewed for a second season. From the moment of creation to the premiere of the first part of this story, three long years have passed. If the leaders of the "Yu" channel decide to extend the TV series further, then the release date of the second season of Lusha's story will not be earlier than 2018.

What will happen in the second season

The first part of the TV series has practically revealed the content of the eponymous book by Kati Metelitsa. It is likely that external people will be involved in writing a new script to speed up the plot development. It is known for certain that Louisa Lozhkina will remain the main character of the series. Together with her new partner, film producer Arthur Tumanov, she will go through life hand in hand, and like all couples, they will face difficulties. Whether their love will help them overcome these problems, we will find out in the new episodes.

The series "Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi" is based on the eponymous novel by Kati Metelitsa. This melodrama tells the story of Lusha, who is quite disorganized. Despite this, her life is filled with interesting moments, and problems seem to pass her by - at the age of 25, the girl tries to simply ignore them.

When will Season 2 of Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 2
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 3
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 4
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 5
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 6
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 7
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 8
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 9
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 10
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 11
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 12
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 13
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 14
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 15
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 16
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 17
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 18
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 19
10 April 2018
Season 2 episode 20
10 April 2018

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Дневник Луизы Ложкиной tv series

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