Dva ottca i dva syna Season 3

Dva ottca i dva syna Season 3 release date

In the summer of 2014, the final of the second season of the TV series "Dva ottca i dva syna" was shown on the channel STS. Recently, it became known that the continuation of this comedy show is not far off. Find out when the third season of this sitcom will be shown from this article.

The creative producer of the TV series "Two fathers and two sons" has shared that the 3rd season of the show will be aired on STS on August 8th, 2016. The filming process was completed earlier this year. Viewers can expect unforgettable 20 episodes, with the main role played by the beloved Dima Nagiyev, who has gained popularity with the audience over the past five years.

What will happen in the 3rd season

The writers of the project "Two fathers and two sons" have prepared an unexpected surprise for the viewers - the storyline of the series will include another forgotten son of Pavel Gurov, played by Sergei Chirkov. The extended family moves to a new house, where the actor and his relatives will have a difficult neighbor. Fans of the show can expect unforgettable jokes and scenes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

During the first two seasons, forty episodes of the situational comedy "Two fathers and two sons" were shown on STS. The filming of the third season was delayed due to the actor Dima Nagiyev's involvement in multiple parallel projects such as "The Voice," "Phyzruk," "Kitchen," and others.

The series tells the story of the actor Pavel Gurov, who left his son and wife in Bryansk twenty years ago for a successful acting career. After many years, his offspring in the form of his son Viktor and grandson Vladik return to him for help.

When will Season 3 of Dva ottca i dva syna be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 3 episode 1
08 August 2016
Season 3 episode 2
08 August 2016
Season 3 episode 3
09 August 2016
Season 3 episode 4
10 August 2016
Season 3 episode 5
11 August 2016
Season 3 episode 6
15 August 2016
Season 3 episode 7
16 August 2016
Season 3 episode 8
17 August 2016
Season 3 episode 9
18 August 2016
Season 3 episode 10
22 August 2016
Season 3 episode 11
23 August 2016
Season 3 episode 12
24 August 2016
Season 3 episode 13
25 August 2016
Season 3 episode 14
29 August 2016
Season 3 episode 15
30 August 2016
Season 3 episode 16
31 August 2016
Season 3 episode 17
01 September 2016
Season 3 episode 18
05 September 2016
Season 3 episode 19
06 September 2016
Season 3 episode 20
07 September 2016

Trailer of Season 3

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