Vy vse menia besite Season 2

Vy vse menia besite Season 2 release date

In early 2017, the premiere of the comedy series "Vy vse menia besite" (Bitch), which was filmed in collaboration with the company "Studia Lukfilm", took place on the STS channel. Find out in this article if there will be a continuation of this story.

The STS channel management will only extend the new sitcom in case of the success of the first season of the series. If the show continues to be filmed, the release date of the second season will be moved to the beginning of 2018. Follow this page to know the further fate of the TV show "Vy vse menia besite".

About the series:

The script of the TV series revolves around a shy girl named Sonya, who works as a restaurant critic in a well-known online publication. She flawlessly carries out her work, living a boring and measured life, avoiding contact with other people. But Sonya Bagretsova has a weakness - even a drop of alcohol can completely change her. Her flaw plays a cruel joke on her when she drinks a glass of wine at the opening of one of the reviewed restaurants and wakes up unconscious in the morning. When she visits her workplace, Sonya discovers that she is now friends with an intrusive manicurist Nelya and a taxi driver and her neighbor Vova. The main problem caused by alcohol is her boss Kirill, who now considers her his mistress. When the hangover is gone, Sonya realizes that her new friends annoy her terribly. Now she will try to get rid of their company once and for all. Many comedic scenes unfold around her attempts to break off relations with the aforementioned individuals. Her friends are not going to leave Sonya and make every effort to establish a relationship with her, forgive her mistakes, and her sometimes rude behavior. Over time, the main heroine herself realizes how much she has become attached to these accidentally acquainted people.

A famous member of the shooting process became the participant of the group "Leningrad," Yulia Topolnitskaya, who gained nationwide fame in the recent video "Ekspomat".

When will Season 2 of Vy vse menia besite be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
08 January 2018
Season 2 episode 2
08 January 2018
Season 2 episode 3
09 January 2018
Season 2 episode 4
10 January 2018
Season 2 episode 5
11 January 2018
Season 2 episode 6
15 January 2018
Season 2 episode 7
15 January 2018
Season 2 episode 8
16 January 2018
Season 2 episode 9
16 January 2018
Season 2 episode 10
17 January 2018
Season 2 episode 11
17 January 2018
Season 2 episode 12
18 January 2018
Season 2 episode 13
18 January 2018
Season 2 episode 14
23 January 2018
Season 2 episode 15
24 January 2018
Season 2 episode 16
25 January 2018
Season 2 episode 17
29 January 2018
Season 2 episode 18
29 January 2018
Season 2 episode 19
31 January 2018
Season 2 episode 20
01 February 2018

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Вы все меня бесите tv series

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