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Dva ottca i dva syna Season 4 release date

At the beginning of August 2016, the premiere of the third season of the series "Dva ottca i dva syna" starring Dmitry Nagiev took place on the STS channel. Read in our article when the continuation of the beloved sitcom will be released.

The new part of the series brought additional characters to the show, but it only had a positive impact on the comedy ratings. Currently, filming for the new episodes has not started yet, but it can confidently be said that STS will begin the production of the fourth season of the series "Dva ottca i dva syna" in early 2017, and the premiere of the continuation will be scheduled for the end of the summer of the same year.

What will happen in the 4th season

The famous Russian actor Pavel Gurov completely changed his own life with the appearance of his first son. He lived happily in his own house in Rublyovka until another offspring from a long-forgotten love in Ryazan appeared. In addition to wanting to establish his own personal life, the main character will now have to take care of his second son, as the first one has already become a grandfather. The new episodes of the series await us with a lot of comedic situations, as well as the continuation of Pasha's story, who in his old age will definitely not be alone.

The series "Dva ottca i dva syna" from the channel STS and YBW studio started on October 21, 2013. In total, 60 episodes of the sitcom were shown in the first three seasons. The plot takes place in Moscow and revolves around the famous actor Pavel Gurov (played by D. Nagiyev), who recently turned 50. He lived alone in his own luxurious apartment until his son and grandson from the province came to him, whom the cultural figure had abandoned 20 years ago for a career in cinema. Together, they will have to make up for the lost years...

When will Season 4 of Dva ottca i dva syna be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 4 episode 1
07 August 2017
Season 4 episode 2
07 August 2017
Season 4 episode 3
08 August 2017
Season 4 episode 4
09 August 2017
Season 4 episode 5
10 August 2017
Season 4 episode 6
14 August 2017
Season 4 episode 7
15 August 2017
Season 4 episode 8
16 August 2017
Season 4 episode 9
17 August 2017
Season 4 episode 10
21 August 2017
Season 4 episode 11
22 August 2017
Season 4 episode 12
23 August 2017
Season 4 episode 13
24 August 2017
Season 4 episode 14
28 August 2017
Season 4 episode 15
29 August 2017
Season 4 episode 16
30 August 2017
Season 4 episode 17
31 August 2017
Season 4 episode 18
04 September 2017
Season 4 episode 19
05 September 2017
Season 4 episode 20
06 September 2017

Trailer of Season 4

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