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Empire Season 4

Empire Season 4 release date

The classic William Shakespeare's "King Lear" and the idea of the TV series "Dynasty" became a source of inspiration for creating the story. Thanks to the cast and dramatic plot, the film began to achieve record ratings for the channel.

The final episode of the first season attracted about 17 million viewers, demonstrating the highest ratings on national television in 10 years. Following that, the filming of the next season immediately began, which was released in the same year.

Starting from September 2016, the third season consisting of 18 episodes began airing, and it concluded with the final episode in late May 2017. The main roles were played by Terrence Howard, Trai Byers, Taraji and Penda Henson. Already, viewers have questions about whether there will be a continuation. And due to high demand, the show's producer, Eileen Chaiken, announced that the fourth season will start airing in the fall of 2017.

What awaits viewers in the new episodes

"The next season promises even more captivating stories for viewers to fully enjoy," promised the creators of the show. The family tensions will not subside, but rather, intensify. The new episodes will tell stories of betrayal, failures, struggles, and greed within the dynasty. And due to endless misunderstanding, the company will find itself under a heavy blow.

The show "Empire" was launched by Fox in January 2015. The filming of the first episode took place in March 2014, and the channel made an order for the first season two months later. The captivating story holds attention, which is why fans eagerly await new episodes throughout all 48 episodes. The film about the head of the empire, who spent many years creating it, was well received by the audience. The main character learns about an incurable disease, and with this diagnosis, he has about three years to live. After hearing such news, his wife and sons enter a fierce battle for control of the company.

When will Season 4 of Empire be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 4 episode 1
27 September 2017
Season 4 episode 2
04 October 2017
Season 4 episode 3
11 October 2017
Season 4 episode 4
18 October 2017
Season 4 episode 5
08 November 2017
Season 4 episode 6
15 November 2017
Season 4 episode 7
29 November 2017
Season 4 episode 8
06 December 2017
Season 4 episode 9
13 December 2017
Season 4 episode 10
28 March 2018
Season 4 episode 11
04 April 2018
Season 4 episode 12
11 April 2018
Season 4 episode 13
18 April 2018
Season 4 episode 14
25 April 2018
Season 4 episode 15
02 May 2018
Season 4 episode 16
09 May 2018
Season 4 episode 17
16 May 2018
Season 4 episode 18
23 May 2018

Trailer of Season 4

Video about season 4 of Империя tv series

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