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Fizruk saves Russia movie

Fizruk saves Russia movie release date

In 2019, the TNT television channel plans to release the film "Fizruk Saves Russia" in movie theaters, based on the eponymous series with Nagiyev in the leading role.

Anton Shchukin, thanks to whose idea a TV series was born, shared his plans for the upcoming premiere. The director Egor Baranov will be in charge of creating a full-length movie about Oleg Fomin. TNT channel started shooting the project in the autumn of 2017, and the film premiere will take place in the autumn of 2019. The film will last a whole 110 minutes. According to modest calculations, the Russian comedy will cost 250 million rubles!

Fizruk Saves Russia Script Announcement

Fizruk Saves Russia Promo
The show's plot will tell the story of the already quite familiar Oleg Fomin, who will save the whole Russian Federation from collapse. He will be helped by the familiar characters from the series - his best friend Leha "Psysch", former students Tanya and the Mamaev family. Foma becomes a deputy in the State Duma. But governing the country honestly turns out to be not so easy - a manipulative villain demands that Oleg make decisions according to his instructions. Naturally, our hero has no intention of succumbing to the demands of criminals. Not only Foma's relatives and friends are in danger, but also hundreds of innocent people who decided to attend a cultural and sports event. Instead, he plans to confront his enemies in an unequal battle, seeking help from his loyal friends: Usach, Leha Psysch, and former graduates.

The key characters of the movie: Oleg Fomin played by Dmitry Nagiyev, teacher Tatyana (actress A. Panina), the incomparable Alexei (V. Sychyov), and the former student - Valya (D. Vakhrushev). This quartet will have to make a considerable effort to defend their Motherland...

A big part of the filming process depends on Dmitry Nagiyev, who constantly travels from one set to another (Kitchen, Fizruk, movies). The idea to make a film arose immediately after the colossal success of the first season on TNT in 2014. Foma managed to become popular in just 20 short episodes and became a national "Tough Nut". The premiere is scheduled for after the third season, which will start soon on air.

Season Trailer

Video about season 0 of Физрук tv series

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