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Grazhdanskii brak Season 2 release date

The TNT channel presents the second season of the series "Grazhdanskii brak" no earlier than 2018. This situational comedy, created by the authors of the legendary "Real Patsans" and "Fizruk", was well-received by the audience.

The premiere of the first season took place shortly after the New Year holidays - January 9, 2017. The sixteen-episode comedy aired on TNT at 8:30 PM from Monday to Thursday. The main plot of the "Civil Marriage" centers around a popular life dilemma: the girl wants to get married sooner, while the guy hopes to delay the wedding as much as possible. This is exactly what happened with Artem and Veronika...

Season 2 Announcement

After Nika and Tyoma moved in together, everyday routines begin. A crisis in their relationship arises, as the girl doesn't get any younger with each passing day and wants to hurry the creative but sometimes not serious Artem. However, he knows that the wedding is unavoidable because Nika is the love of his life. Despite this, he behaves negligently in their relationship, has difficulty admitting his love, and can't even imagine himself as a married person...

The main roles in the TV series were given to actors Denis Kukoyak (plays Artem) and Agata Mutzenets (plays Veronika Kuznetsova). The director of the comedy show is Dina Shturmanova, known for her involvement in creating the legendary "Interns".

The series "Grazhdanskii brak" was filmed by the studio "Good Story Media". The show tells the story of the young couple Artem and Veronika, who finally start living together but face various everyday problems: the search for a permanent job, routine arguments, household chores, etc. Since the guys are very playful, these little things cannot ruin their lives, but on the contrary, they turn into comical situations.

When will Season 2 of Grazhdanskii brak be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
02x01 15 January 2018
Season 2 episode 2
16 January 2018
Season 2 episode 3
17 January 2018
Season 2 episode 4
18 January 2018
Season 2 episode 5
22 January 2018
Season 2 episode 6
23 January 2018
Season 2 episode 7
24 January 2018
Season 2 episode 8
25 January 2018
Season 2 episode 9
29 January 2018
Season 2 episode 10
30 January 2018
Season 2 episode 11
31 January 2018
Season 2 episode 12
01 February 2018
Season 2 episode 13
05 February 2018
Season 2 episode 14
06 February 2018
Season 2 episode 15
07 February 2018
Season 2 episode 16
08 February 2018

Trailer of Season 2

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