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SashaTania Season 4 release date

The premiere of the 4th season of the series "Sasha Tanya" will take place in 2017.

As before, the production of the series will be handled by Comedy Club Production and 7art companies.

SashaTania is a Russian sitcom from the TNT channel, narrating the life of the Sergeev family. Sasha and Tanya met while studying at university. Since then, they have experienced a lot: quarrels, infidelity, breakups. But despite all this, they eventually realized that they cannot live without each other and got married. The series "SashaTania" will show in detail all the difficulties and charms of the life of an ordinary family from Butovo. Episodes are released 4 times a week from Monday to Thursday. The finale of the current 3rd season will take place in January 2017.

Season 4 Preview

In the 4th season, the couple awaits new crazy adventures. In the previous season, Sasha and Tanya solved a crime committed by actor Vladimir Epifantsev, got tattoos in intimate areas, won a huge cash prize, and even ended up behind bars. Despite the richness and high level of the previous seasons, the new one will raise the quality bar, presenting the audience with even more interesting events and comedic situations. Sasha and Tanya will once again face household problems and difficulties in their family, and the relationship between Sylvester and Eva will be extremely strained and unstable. The situation with their grown-up son Alyosha, who is going through a new stage in his life, will add fuel to the fire. Will the Sergeevs manage to overcome their problems and overcome all the difficulties on their way? Watch and find out!

The main roles were played by actors familiar to us from the series "Univer". Andrey Gaydulyan plays Sasha Sergeev - the son of a millionaire who achieves everything in life on his own. Valentina Rubtsova played his faithful wife Tanya. The roles of Sylvester Andreevich and his bodyguard Gena were played by Alexey Klimushkin and Andrey Sviridov. Among the "newcomers" in the cast, it is worth highlighting Alina Lanina, who played Sylvester's lover Eva, and Artem Shirokov, who plays Alyosha.

The first episode of the first season aired on June 3, 2013. At the moment, there have been a total of 93 episodes about the life of the Sergeev family.

When will Season 4 of SashaTania be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 4 episode 1
22 January 2018
Season 4 episode 2
22 January 2018
Season 4 episode 3
22 January 2018
Season 4 episode 4
22 January 2018
Season 4 episode 5
23 January 2018
Season 4 episode 6
23 January 2018
Season 4 episode 7
24 January 2018
Season 4 episode 8
24 January 2018
Season 4 episode 9
25 January 2018
Season 4 episode 10
25 January 2018
Season 4 episode 11
29 January 2018
Season 4 episode 12
29 January 2018
Season 4 episode 13
30 January 2018
Season 4 episode 14
30 January 2018
Season 4 episode 15
31 January 2018
Season 4 episode 16
31 January 2018

Trailer of Season 4

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