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The Walking Dead will return for Valentine's Day

The Walking Dead will return for Valentine's Day release date

On Valentine's Day, the AMC channel will show the continuation of the 6th season of The Walking Dead.

The AMC TV channel has taken a break in airing the sixth season of the series "The Walking Dead". The management promised that the 9th episode, which will start the second half of the story, will be released on February 14th.

The practice of dividing this zombie show into two parts has been applied starting from the second season. This move is made intentionally to keep the audience interested in the series and to obtain high ratings for the episodes. Let us remind you that the fifth season of the project received a record-breaking 17.3 million viewers in the first episode and never fell below the mark of 12.2 million.

The eighth episode halted the story with the complete destruction of Alexandria. The majority of the population is killed by the zombies that broke through the fallen fences. The mayor of the city is bitten, and the only chance to survive is to cover oneself with the guts of one of the "walkers" and escape from the settlement. Meanwhile, Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl are ambushed on the road. By the way, this is one of the season's semifinals when none of the main characters dies, unlike the previous seasons. What awaits the survivors in this evil world, watch on Valentine's Day in English or February 15th on FOX channel.

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