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House of Cards Season 5 release date

Фрэнк Андервуд начинает борьбу с мировым террором...

The fourth season of the TV series "House of Cards" was fully released on the web service Netflix on March 4, 2016. Find out from this article whether new episodes of the show will be released and how the plot of this political show will unfold.

During the pre-premiere press conference with the creator of the show, Beau Willimon, on January 28, 2016, it became known that Netflix ordered the fifth season of this political thriller. Fans of the series "House of Cards" will have to wait for new episodes until May 30, 2017 (the date may vary by a week ahead). Viewers can expect 13 full episodes that will reveal the contents of chapters 53-65 of the story. The success of the TV series is also supported by the recent elections held in the United States.

What awaits us in the 5th season:

The executive producer of the show, Beau Willimon, is leaving the project by his own desire, after more than five years of working on the series. According to him, "House of Cards" is left in good and professional hands, so the army of fans of Francis Underwood should not worry. The lead actor, Kevin Spacey, and most of the cast will return in the new episodes. In the fifth season of the political drama, there will be new elections for the position of the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces and President. Francis has many opponents who will play on the ongoing war against Islamism in the final part of the fourth season. Perhaps the game has gone too far, and the fortress built by Underwood will begin to crumble.

The TV series "House of Cards" is based on the book of the same name by Michael Dobbs and a mini-series that was remade in the US style. The main character of the show is Frank Underwood, whose rise from Congressman to President has been observed by viewers for four seasons. The plot shows the dark side of the White House rulers, as well as other politicians whose lives are connected with daily difficult decisions.

In total, during the existence of the series, 52 episodes have been released, each approximately 50 minutes long. The show's creators received a "Golden Globe" for the best male role and numerous nominations in various international film awards.

When will Season 5 of House of Cards be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 5 episode 1
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 2
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 3
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 4
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 5
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 6
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 7
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 8
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 9
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 10
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 11
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 12
30 May 2017
Season 5 episode 13
30 May 2017

Trailer of Season 5

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