Into the Badlands Season 2

Into the Badlands Season 2 release date

The second season of the adventure series with elements of drama "Into the Badlands" directed by David Dobkin will be released in spring 2017. The film impresses viewers with its dynamism and variety of genre mixtures and has a high rating.

The first season ended back in December 2015. The series tells the story of a post-apocalypse where survivors in the world of the "Death Desert" have built a new infrastructure, and the only rule is that the strongest person rules. Relationships between people have regressed to what they were many centuries ago, and everyone is stuck in endless wars with the seven barons - the new bloody rulers.

What will happen in Season 2

The next season will give a complete answer to the question, "Can a teenager with mysterious power eliminate all chaos and bring tranquility?" Sunny and M.K. (after a dangerous situation in the first season) will continue their adventures with one goal: to prevent the world from completely collapsing and losing its humanity.

Among the actors, we should mention Orla Brady, who has received the award for "Best Supporting Role in a TV Series," as well as Sarah Bolger - one of the films she participated in won the prize for "Best Ensemble Cast."

Currently, the show consists of 6 episodes, with the first one airing on November 16, 2015. The film's script is set in the "Death Desert," a place that the world has become after the catastrophe. Barbaric laws prevail there, and men are forbidden to start families and to love. Will the main characters be able to influence the course of events? This is what viewers will find out in the second season.

When will Season 2 of Into the Badlands be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
19 March 2017
Season 2 episode 2
26 March 2017
Season 2 episode 3
02 April 2017
Season 2 episode 4
09 April 2017
Season 2 episode 5
16 April 2017
Season 2 episode 6
23 April 2017
Season 2 episode 7
30 April 2017
Season 2 episode 8
07 May 2017
Season 2 episode 9
14 May 2017
Season 2 episode 10
21 May 2017

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of В пустыне смерти tv series

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