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Mentovskie voiny Season 9 release date

NTV channel has been releasing the detective crime series "Mentovskie voiny" since February 14, 2005. Over the course of ten years, 116 episodes have been produced, which are included in eight seasons.

In addition, spin-offs (series whose action develops in the same place and at the same time, but from the perspective of other characters) have been filmed.

The show's script describes the life of Roman Shilov, who is an employee of the homicide department of the St. Petersburg Police. During the investigation of a case involving a local criminal authority nicknamed "Mozart," the evidence leads him to higher-ranking police officers who take bribes and contribute to lawlessness. Because of this case, he loses everything and in the last season, his epaulets are taken away and he is sent to serve in a local police station. He resigns, but a criminal case is brought against him. In order to clear his name and get his position back, he will have to return to the police in the ninth season, albeit in a different district.

The management of the NTV channel has already rushed to delight fans of the show - a new season will appear in the fall of 2015, most likely in September. It is still unclear exactly when the ninth season of "Mentvorskaya Voyna" will be released. In addition, the filming of the 10th, 11th, and 12th parts is planned, which means that we just have to wait to see how the plot of this wonderful series about the life of Roman Shilov unfolds.

When will Season 9 of Mentovskie voiny be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 9 episode 1
05 October 2015
Season 9 episode 2
05 October 2015
Season 9 episode 3
06 October 2015
Season 9 episode 4
06 October 2015
Season 9 episode 5
07 October 2015
Season 9 episode 6
07 October 2015
Season 9 episode 7
08 October 2015
Season 9 episode 8
08 October 2015
Season 9 episode 9
12 October 2015
Season 9 episode 10
12 October 2015
Season 9 episode 11
13 October 2015
Season 9 episode 12
13 October 2015
Season 9 episode 13
14 October 2015
Season 9 episode 14
14 October 2015
Season 9 episode 15
15 October 2015
Season 9 episode 16
15 October 2015

Trailer of Season 9

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