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Molodezhka Season 5 release date

In late November, the management of the STS channel officially announced the extension of the sports drama "Molodezhka" for its 5th season, which will be released in the autumn of 2017. Check out our article to find out what awaits the hockey players in the new TV season and get a preview of the plot.

One of the most popular projects on Russian TV already has 172 episodes. Fans of the series continue to ask questions about its long-awaited continuation. The film studio "Art Pictures Winj" together with the director Sergey Arlanov announced that the new season will further develop Sergey Makeev's story on his way to the first place in the world hockey championships. The fifth part will consist of 40 episodes. This decision was made due to the increased ratings of the project on television in the 2016-2017 season. Initially, viewers were informed that the 4th season would be the final one.

What will be in the 5th season

The plot tells the story of the team "Medvedi" (Bears), which always lagged behind in the youth hockey league. But one day, Sergey Makeev, once a very successful NHL player forced to end his career due to injury, replaces the old coach. The new strategy, completely new tactics, and absolutely new attitude lead the guys to the top, making them true aces in professional sports. However, each teenager from the team has a personal life, full of family dramas, love affairs, and problems with studies. In the final season, Makeev succeeds in breaking through to the international level, and the guys from "Medvedi" become valuable hockey players in Russia. Now, the boys are revealed the world of adult sports, where there will be no concessions. In the new episodes, Sergey will train the Russian national team.

The success of the TV show "Molodezhka" brought fame to the actors who played the main roles in the show: Denis Nikiforov (Makeev), Alexander Sokolovsky (hockey player of HC "Medvedi" Egor Shchukin, also known as "Shchuka"), Ivan Zhvakin (hockey player Alexander Kostrov), Vlad Kanopka (forward of "Medvedi" Andrey Kislyak), Yulia Margulis (participant of the fans' team Marina Kasatkina) and many others.

The premiere of such a successful series took place on October 7, 2013. Each season traditionally consists of 40 episodes, with the exception of the fourth part, which was extended to 44 episodes of 45 minutes each. STS management decided to always show the first 20 new episodes in the autumn and finish the season only in the spring of the following year. The same will happen with the fifth season.

When will Season 5 of Molodezhka be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
05x01 04 September 2017
05x02 05 September 2017
05x03 06 September 2017
05x04 07 September 2017
05x05 11 September 2017
05x06 12 September 2017
05x07 13 September 2017
05x08 14 September 2017
05x09 18 September 2017
05x10 19 September 2017
05x11 20 September 2017
05x12 21 September 2017
05x13 25 September 2017
05x14 26 September 2017
05x15 27 September 2017
05x16 28 September 2017
05x17 02 October 2017
05x18 03 October 2017
05x19 04 October 2017
05x20 05 October 2017
05x21 09 October 2017
05x22 10 October 2017
05x23 11 October 2017
05x24 12 October 2017
05x25 15 January 2018
05x26 16 January 2018
05x27 17 January 2018
05x28 18 January 2018
05x29 22 January 2018
05x30 23 January 2018
05x31 24 January 2018
05x32 25 January 2018
05x33 29 January 2018
05x34 30 January 2018
05x35 31 January 2018
05x36 01 February 2018
05x37 05 February 2018
05x38 06 February 2018
05x39 07 February 2018
05x40 08 February 2018
05x41 12 February 2018
05x42 13 February 2018
05x43 14 February 2018
05x44 15 February 2018

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