Operatciia Valkiriia

In Production
Operaciya valkiriya
  • Slogan: Spy detective based on true events
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Premiere Date: 09 February 2021
  • Country: Russia
  • Channel: Pervyi kanal
  • Director: Dmitry Petrun
  • Plot:
  • Cast: Marina Alexandrova, Anna Snatkina, Alexey Chadov, Vladimir Shcherbakov, Yuri Skulyabin, Anton Khabarov
  • Rating: 9.0 / 452 10
  • Kinopoisk:
  • IMDb:
Air time: Mon-Thu21:00
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Operatciia Valkiriia release date

An exciting project launched by the "First Channel" will tell the true story of brave fighters.

The Crimean government procured the necessary resources and built a holiday home called "Artek". Everything got out of control and during the military period the territory was occupied by German soldiers. At the cost of unimaginable efforts, Soviet troops were able to restore order and crush the merciless fascists. The fearless Russians managed to liberate the famous camp, but it was completely devastated. Influential individuals set about reconstructing the base, but they did not take into account that a group of cunning saboteurs had firmly established themselves on peaceful lands. They were assigned to carry out a dangerous mission and eliminate the all-powerful Stalin. The victims of these heartless barbarians were supposed to be young children who were planned to be poisoned. The directors of Artek were unaware of the monstrous plan of the German spies and wished to hold a long-awaited ceremony dedicated to the opening of a session. It will be international. Therefore, happy children from Czechoslovakia and Commonwealth countries arrived in the USSR for a good rest. Brave intelligence officers dismissed the villains' intentions and attempted to prevent an inevitable catastrophe. The servicemen were given a difficult task, failure to complete which was equivalent to a death sentence.

Release date of Operatciia Valkiriia TV Series

New episodes of the «Operatciia Valkiriia» series aired Monday to Thursday 21:00 on «Pervyi kanal» channel. The specified air time corresponds to the country - Russia. Eastern Daylight Time, the episode will be available same day.
Operatciia Valkiriia Season 0 - 1 Episode
Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
Season 0 Episode 8
Operatciia Valkiriia Season 1 - 7 Episodes
Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
Season 1 Episode 7
Season 1 Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 3
Season 1 Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 1

Operatciia Valkiriia TV Series trailer

Operatciia Valkiriia трейлер

News about Operatciia Valkiriia tv series

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  • 2 seasons
  • 8 episodes
  • 6 hoursDuration: 45 minutes