Realnye patcany Season 9

Realnye patcany Season 9 release date

One of the most popular television series of the entertainment channel TNT, "Realnye patcany," will soon conclude the airing of its 8th season in 2015. Read this article to find out whether they will decide to shoot the 9th season.

The creator of the show and also the writer, Anton Zaytsev, believes that the plot of the situational comedy allows for further storytelling about Kolya Naumov. It is impossible to say exactly when the new episodes of the parody of reality shows will air on TNT. We hope that the channel's tendency to premiere in the spring will continue, and the date will be set for May 18, 2016.

What awaits us in the new season

Nikolay Naumov, who has been trying to rebuild his life after conditional early release for over a hundred episodes, will try to become the perfect husband for his daughter Lera. His desire to find a high-paying job will be rewarded, and the fate of the family will start to improve. Kolya's father-in-law "Ivanych" will see true support in him and will begin to appreciate him as his daughter's husband. Vovan and Antoha also do not lag behind their friend and, instead of unclear shady schemes, try to become honest and responsible workers, but it is difficult for them.

The comedy series "Realnye patcany" has been airing since 2010. The plot takes place in the city of Perm. This is the first project of the entertainment channel TNT, which is shot in the format of a pseudo-reality show. In 2016, another series with a similar plot was launched, called "Ostrov".

When will Season 9 of Realnye patcany be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 9 episode 1
16 May 2016
Season 9 episode 2
16 May 2016
Season 9 episode 3
17 May 2016
Season 9 episode 4
18 May 2016
Season 9 episode 5
19 May 2016
Season 9 episode 6
23 May 2016
Season 9 episode 7
24 May 2016
Season 9 episode 8
25 May 2016
Season 9 episode 9
26 May 2016
Season 9 episode 10
30 May 2016
Season 9 episode 11
31 May 2016
Season 9 episode 12
01 June 2016
Season 9 episode 13
02 June 2016
Season 9 episode 14
06 June 2016
Season 9 episode 15
07 June 2016
Season 9 episode 16
08 June 2016

Trailer of Season 9

Video about season 9 of Реальные пацаны tv series

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