The Librarians Season 4

The Librarians Season 4 release date

"The Librarians" is a continuation of the well-known adventure films featuring Flynn Carsen. Now, the legendary keeper of various artifacts and a lover of finding adventures on his own gathers a team, as he understands that he needs help.

The showing of the third season, the finale of which is scheduled for early 2017, will start soon.

New episodes of the third season will be shown starting from November 20, 2016. There will be a total of 10 episodes in the third chapter of this story, as usual. But will the story be extended? It is currently unknown. In the event of an extension of this series by TNT channel management, new episodes will not appear earlier than December 2017.

What will happen in the fourth season

The focus is on Flynn Carsen and his assistants - "The Librarians", who are called upon to protect magic and various powerful artifacts. They are opposed by "The Brotherhood of the Serpent", led by Dulac, who has gained immortality. Dulac wants to destroy all modern technology and return humanity to the period when magic was the only power. The open finale of the second season, as well as the exciting events of the third, suggest that there will be a lot of interesting things in the new episodes. "The Librarians" have suffered a great deal, but there is still a chance.

The first chapter of the series started back in December 2014. Since then, we have been able to see and appreciate three thrilling seasons of 10 episodes each. This story has great potential, and the original Universe has been significantly expanded. New adventures of "The Librarians" are coming very soon, and all viewers should be prepared for them.

When will Season 4 of The Librarians be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 4 episode 1
13 December 2017
Season 4 episode 2
13 December 2017
Season 4 episode 3
20 December 2017
Season 4 episode 4
20 December 2017
Season 4 episode 5
27 December 2017
Season 4 episode 6
27 December 2017
Season 4 episode 7
03 January 2018
Season 4 episode 8
10 January 2018
Season 4 episode 9
17 January 2018
Season 4 episode 10
24 January 2018
Season 4 episode 11
31 January 2018
Season 4 episode 12
07 February 2018

Trailer of Season 4

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