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The Man in the High Castle Season 3 release date

The creators of the TV series "The Man in the High Castle" explore a popular theme: "what if". In particular, the plot assumes that in the war, it was not the Allied forces that emerged victorious, but the fascists and the Japanese. What would the world order look like then? What if? The end of 2016 will delight us with the continuation of the story, with 10 episodes in the season.

"The Man in the High Castle": is its renewal for a third season imminent? There is no need to jump ahead and make guesses. But overall, the series has been favorably received by critics, and the first seasons have shown good ratings. In the event of a renewal, the third season will return to Amazon in the beautiful early autumn of 2018.

What will happen in the new season

It is 1962, the war has already ended. Only the fascists won, and the free world has fallen. The United States has lost its independence; it was divided between the Japanese and the Nazi government. Also, a small buffer zone was formed - a neutral zone. But not everyone has accepted this history and its outcomes. There is a Resistance preparing for a new strike. The Resistance includes Juliana Crain, who hates the Japanese and wants to end their oppression. The third season will tell about the attempts to change everything and redirect the course of history, but it won't be easy.

The series "The Man in the High Castle" tells an alternative history, while also distinguished by its deep and multi-layered plot and good acting. Not many projects manage to skillfully explore such a theme, so this series has been favorably received.

When will Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 3 episode 1
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 2
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 3
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 4
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 5
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 6
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 7
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 8
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 9
05 October 2018
Season 3 episode 10
05 October 2018

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Человек в высоком замке tv series

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