The Punisher Season 2

The Punisher Season 2 release date

The media network Netflix has collaborated with the film studio "Marvel" more than once, but the question of releasing a joint project "The Punisher" remained open for a long time. Only in April 2016 a positive decision was made and filming was started, the result of which can be enjoyed in autumn 2017.

About the release of the 2nd season, the creators announced that only after the premiere season is launched, they will be able to assess the ratings, understand how close their hero is to the audience, and then decide whether to shoot a sequel or not. In any case, the next season can be expected no earlier than the beginning of 2019.

What will happen in the 2nd season

The series will tell the story of the adventures of the comic book hero Frank Castle, nicknamed "The Punisher". This person, trained in self-defense techniques and combat skills, once participated in a war and is well versed in modern weapons. After a series of unpleasant situations, he decides to stand on the path of crime eradication in his city and take on the destruction of serial killers and maniacs. However, not all of his opponents will be ready to surrender easily and give up their habits.

For the first time, the negative character The Punisher appeared in films about Daredevil. The audience liked this guy, so it is expected that the series will receive positive feedback from critics.

When will Season 2 of The Punisher be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
02x01 18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 2
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 3
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 4
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 5
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 6
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 7
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 8
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 9
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 10
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 11
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 12
18 January 2019
Season 2 episode 13
18 January 2019

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Каратель tv series

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