The Royals Season 3

The Royals Season 3 release date

The second season of the dramatic series "The Royals" concluded on the American television channel E! on January 17, 2016. Upon learning about the start of filming for the continuation of the series, fans immediately became interested in the release date of its premiere episodes.

According to a statement by the film studio "NikiStudio", implementing this project, the premiere of the 3rd season is scheduled for early November 2016. The director remains the notorious Mark Schwahn.

What will be shown in the 3rd season

The events of the series unfold in modern London, where characters from a fictional royal dynasty reside, accustomed to never denying themselves anything. Their existence, since childhood, has been enveloped in power and luxury, exquisite entertainment, and realities inaccessible to ordinary people. However, high rank and immense wealth cannot protect these spoils of fate from problems that are inherent to every person. Mental torments, depression, and neuroses literally haunt the family that has decided to live detached from societal norms, moral principles, and respect for other people. The responsibility for preserving the honest name of the royal lineage falls on the shoulders of the only responsible representative of this family – Queen Helen. In the 3rd season, she will once again have to fight the vices of her relatives and extricate them from the most difficult predicaments.

The premiere episode of the 20 released ones aired on March 15, 2015. In each season, the creators shoot 10 episodes full of adventures and reckless behavior of spoiled kings.

When will Season 3 of The Royals be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 3 episode 1
04 December 2016
Season 3 episode 2
11 December 2016
Season 3 episode 3
18 December 2016
Season 3 episode 4
01 January 2017
Season 3 episode 5
08 January 2017
Season 3 episode 6
15 January 2017
Season 3 episode 7
22 January 2017
Season 3 episode 8
29 January 2017
Season 3 episode 9
12 February 2017
Season 3 episode 10
19 February 2017

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Члены королевской семьи tv series

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