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The Tick Season 2

The Tick Season 2 release date

The second season of the series "The Tick" - a superhero film from the director Wally Pfister and the writer Ben Edlund - will be released closer to the end of 2018. The thing is, as of November 2016, they are only just preparing to air the first episodes.

The finale of "The Tick" (the first part of the series) will happen around December 2016. Currently, viewers have only been shown the pilot episode. The series is another interpretation of the theme "what would it be like for villains and other bad people if humanity had a superhero helper". This time - in a blue costume with distinctive antennae on his head, but no less formidable.

Season 2 of the series announcement

The next season of "The Tick" will be filled not only with stories of saving the world, but also with a whole love drama, as well as a story about the depression of one of the main characters. Arthur, if we follow the plot of the eponymous cartoon, will break up with The Tick, and then reap the consequences of his own recklessness and be dependent on other superheroes. But they will not be as cool as the old friend.

Among the actors, the most notable are: Griffin Newman, known for his roles in "Vinyl" and "The Politician", as well as Peter Serafinowicz, who starred in "Spy" and "Guardians of the Galaxy".

As of November 2016, only the pilot episode has been released. It can be watched starting from August 2016. The film's script is a story about the interaction of two different but justice-seeking personalities. The first one is a smart office worker named Arthur, and the second is a strong but not so smart superhero, The Tick.

When will Season 2 of The Tick be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
23 August 2019
Season 2 episode 2
23 August 2019
Season 2 episode 3
23 August 2019
Season 2 episode 4
23 August 2019
Season 2 episode 5
23 August 2019
Season 2 episode 6
23 August 2019
Season 2 episode 7
21 February 2020
Season 2 episode 8
21 February 2020
Season 2 episode 9
21 February 2020
Season 2 episode 10
21 February 2020
Season 2 episode 11
21 February 2020
Season 2 episode 12
21 February 2020

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Тик tv series

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